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Friday, August 29, 2008

Gift from 100PLUS Contest

Lastweek, I received a note from Mr.Postman to collect a parcel from post office. Just wondering who is sending my hubby a parcel as we seem did not do any online purchase lately.
Hubby drove me to post office to collect the parcel. It came in a big envelope, when I opened up, I saw a bag & some other stuffs inside the envelope. It is a prize from 100Plus contest. My hubby won the category C winner for the "100Plus Live Active" Contest. The prize is 100Plus exercise kit worth RM60 (a bag,t-shirt & small towel).

I remember I saw this contest on 'THE STAR' newspaper after CNY & told hubby to join it for fun.We submitted 4 entries for this contest.

New Toys

Present from Medan's grandma...Thank you,GRANDMA !!

Free Sample from Drypers

I received a complimentary pack of new Drypers DRYPANTZ lastweek. I will give Ryan a try & see how is the new DRYPANTZ quality.

SCA hotline : 1800-889988(mon-frid 9am-5pm)

Present s from Medan

These are all presents from Medan's grandma,tha ciu mu(from her Bali trip),xiau ciu mu & ii for Ryan.
I also have 1 shirt (Bali style) from my SIL (present from her Bali trip).

BIG THANKS TO GRANDMA,CIU MU,II(from Ryan) & TO MY SIL(from mommy).

Mommy's Birthday '08

My birthday was fall on 27th Aug. My mum & sis are visiting me..so we have a small gathering dinner on my birthday. Hubby bought me a special gift + Blueberry cheesecake. My mum & sis also gave me angpaos & I did received bday card from Enfamama Club too.Time flies fast.....I m now in the midst of gear-3++.

I would like to say 'big thanks' to all my MP buddies's for the birthday wishes.

Bintulu Beach @23 Aug'08

Went to a beach @ Bintulu on last Sat around 5.30pm,after snapped some pics...it started to rain, so have to rush back to the hotel.

Feel lucky that we managed to snap some pics at the beach.

Bintulu Trip ~ 23 & 24 August'08

Last Sat, we went to Bintulu with my mom,sis,Ryan & my hubby, its a 3 hours drive from Sibu. We departed from home around 10pm & it was raining during the whole journey,so my hubby has to drive slowly.We stayed at NEW WORLD SUITES (its a new 4 star hotel in Bintulu).The hotel is having a weekend shop & stay promo for RM150++.
We reached Bintulu around 1.30pm,after checked in, we went to Hartz Chicken buffet for our lunch.Then we went to Sing Kwong & Bintulu for shopping before went back to hotel for a rest & bath.
Around 7pm plus, we went for a dinner at the nearby restaurant..the food is yummy.After dinner, we back to hotel as we were all veri tired & need to have a rest too.

The next morning, we went to town area for breakfast,the kopitiam is so packed that we have to wait very long for our food to be served. After breakfast, we went to ParkCity Mall located below the hotel for quick shopping before went back to Sibu.

All of us enjoyed the whole journey & I am so happy to have my mum & sis joined us.