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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Magic Bean Plant

After 3 weeks of planting the magic bean, this is how my magic bean looks like......I do watering everyday n dun forget to put it under sunshine. Hope it will grow bigger n bigger N will last forever like my friendship wif my MP buddies ShiokFun,Agnes,Wanchin,Ling,Nic,Violet,SuYing,Quennie n LiTeng.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Sunday

Today, I decided to bring Ryan for MMR injection. He woke up at 9am.After taken his porridge, I bathe him n we got ready to see Dr.Law. As usual, always packed during Sunday, so we waited for abt 25mins before Ryan name was called up. Ryan 's weigh is 11.10kgs(he refused to be weigh,so must use hp to attract him,at last managed to get his weigh).

After injection, Dr.Law gave Panadol Syrup in case for fever. Then we headed to Farley Sprmkt coz need to buy Ryan's diapers n some groceries. I bought Huggies Dry Comfort for his daily use. Daddy suddenly remember abt ShowHouse @Farley area. They are building Semi D and Terrace house. The show house is so nice decorated n is selling at RM600K plus(veri expensive) wif fully furnished.

After go round n round, at last, Ryan is getting tired n he falls sleep. So we headed back home for you to take a nap before you have ur lunch (corn porridge). Once reached home, I tidy up the groceries n prepared lunch for me n my hubby. I cooked Rendang Prawn+Sotong (1 of my favo food). We love to eat spicy food....so every weekend, I will try to find a spare time to do some cooking (of course, will cook something spicy like rendang,curry,sambal,etc)

Happy Weekend *-*

Friday, March 21, 2008

New Hair Cut

Since today is PH (good friday) , so I brought Ryan for a hair cut. Its the 4th time he is having his hair cut n I am very sure he wil cry while having his hair cut. Once he stepped into the barber shop, he started to cry. It takes 10-15mins to get his hair done. Once reach home, I bathed him n get him a change. Dun forget to ask daddy snap some pics on his new hair style. Lets take a look at Ryan's new hair style.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Smart Music Set from Enfagrow a+

I bought 4 packs of Enfagrow A+ (700gramsx2/pack) with 'free of Smart Music Set'. I managed to get whole set of "Friends of the Garden" for Ryan. He likes it. Plan to get another set " Friends of the Ocean" for Ryan soon.....

Sunday, March 16, 2008

CNY Celebration wif my ex-classmate @Medan

This is an outdated post.Both the pics are taken at the 3rd day of CNY(9 Feb'08) @ Brenda's house . Brenda, Lina n Suryani is my ex-clasmate, we r all from SUTOMO 1 school. Brenda n I hav been in the same class since Primary til Senior High School . As for Lina, we r same class since 1st yr of Senior High School . Lastly, Suryani is same class wif me since 2nd yr of Senior High School.

We have not been meeting up for almost 10 yrs. I am so happy to c them again. Unfortunately, I dun reali spend long time with them during the meeting as I was rush for lunch wif my sister on that day. However, I am having a great time wif them during the short meet -up n we taken some pics as our sweet memories.

*-* Friendship Forever *-*

Friday, March 14, 2008

Forever Friendship Award

I received tis friendship award from MP buddy SuYing on last Feb'08....such a nice friendship ball and we are always FRIENDSHIP FOREVER .

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Birthday Gift from Enfamama n WyethGold Club

I received this Birthday Gift for Ryan from WyethGold Club around Jan'08, but always forget to post it @blog. Today while I m tidying up some files, I saw this Merry-go-round from WyethGold Club. It is made from paper n can paste baby's pics on it...veri cute *-*

Today I received a Birthday Gift for Ryan from Enfamama Club. It is a measuring tape (can paste on wall to measure the height). Actually I have been looking for it for quite some time..at last Enfamama sent it to Ryan as 1st bday gift.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Gift from Enfamama Club

I received a reusable sticker book (SESAME STREET - Our Animal World with ... CooKie MonsTer) from Enfamama Club. Its a small appreciation gift from enfamama on my comments @MamaNotes.

Prize from Mother & Baby Magazine

At last, I received a forest piano from Mother & Baby Magazine. I joined the Chicco promo on last Aug'07 Mother & Baby magazine. I am kiasu n joined the Feb'08 Chicco contest again...hope I can win somthing again tis time...looking forward for the good news *-*

Ryan is so happy with this new gift . This forest piano is for child aged 1-4 yrs old.

For more details on Chicco product ..... free to view www.chicco.com