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Monday, February 28, 2011

Banana Cake

For the very first time in my life, I bake a cake. Lastnight after having my dinner, I got ready all the ingredients needed and let's start my baking project, a banana cake.

And here is the result :

This banana cake is my breakfast for today. The taste of the cake is not bad,but in future I should add little bit of banana flavour (to make the cake smell even best) and bake longer as the top of the cake looks bit pale to me.
I will make my second attempt to bake another cake soon.....

For the banana cake recipe, please click here.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Skin Care product

Age is catching up and sooner or later, I really need to use anti-aging skin care product to protect my skin looks great and smooth. I believe it is every women dreams to looks perfect even they are getting older day by day.
That's why when you passby those cosmetic section at big shopping mall, there are plenty of brands to choose and they offer different kind of skin care products based on age,skin type.

Talking about anti-aging skin care product, I came across this product called Hydropeptide. It is recommended by one of my relative. She has been using this product for few years and her skin really looks great. Although her age has reached midst 40's,but her skin and looks are still young and fresh. When we chatted that day during CNY gathering, she told me her secret about using this "miracle product".
From the info that I gathered, the magic of this HydroPeptide product which make our skin looks healthier is the Peptides.
Peptides are microscopic protein fragments able to trigger changes in skin health at the cellular level.They are also known as the only ingredients proven to directly stimulate new collagen growth. This product is formulated to suit all skin types and contain ECOCERT organic ingredients.
An addition, HydroPeptide is known as the winner of eight beauty awards since 2009 and is Prevention magazine's 2010 Defy-Your-Age-Beauty-Award winner for "Best Day Cream with SPF.

If you wanna know more on this beauty product, you can simply join as the product tester, and simply register to receive their digital or physical copy of their catalog. And the best part is they do offer for international shipment for their product. So convenience!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Pregnancy Scans

When I recalled back about my first pregnancy, I was happy and nervous when I got the confirmation news (positive result) from one of the clinic doctor. Oh...I was asking myself, Am I ready to enter Motherhood life? I am going to be a Mother and I should "thanks God" for giving me a Baby,my previous child.
So...quickly make an appointment with my gynae for ultrasound pregnancy scannings and every month my husband would accompany for the check-up. We were so happy to see the little picture on the screen showing our baby was growing healthy. That was the most exciting experience in my wholelife.
Lastnight, I was chatting with one of my old mate,she told me a good news....Guess??....She is pregnant now...at last , she is going to be a mother soon.
She has made an appointment with one of the clinic, Merrion Fetal Health for pregnancy scans in dublin. This clinic is offering good services of ultrasound for all stages of pregnancy including early pregnancy scans , nuchal scans,anatomy and growth scans.
Next week, my friend will be going for her early pregnancy scans in dublin.
Hope that everything is doing fine for her and her baby. She is so excited with her pregnancy news and I am looking forward to visit her and her baby after her delivery.

TV stand

Buying a new house,of course, may need some new furniture to go along and one of the thing I am looking for now is TV Stand.
Both me and my husband are looking for simple TV stand to fit our Plasma TV that we bought a year ago.
We have visited a few furniture shops but yet to find the one that we like and lastnight I searched online and came across standsonline which sell TV stands, audio /video racks, speaker stands, and Plasma/LCD wall mounts and speaker mounts. They have a big varieties of brand to choose and the best part ,they do offer Free Shipping and for the month of February, they have special sales for certain items. Not to worry, Their products have 1 year warranty against defects.

TV Stand

Monday, February 21, 2011

Diaperless at Night

It has been few weeks Ryan has been diaperless at night and accident did happened few times, it is hardly Ryan will wake up for pee by himself, instead, I have to wake him up and ask him pee in order to avoid accident happened,but once a while, I overslept even my alarm rang (I must be super tired..can't wake up).
There were few times Ryan will wake up by himself and rushed to take his potty and pee in the middle of the night.
I really hope "One Day"..Ryan will be able to wake up by himself when he has the urge to pee ,instead I have to set an alarm to wake him up to pee... When is that day...? still waiting...

Cabin rental

I was chatting with my old mate about holiday trip and she told me about her last trip to Alabama.
It was definitely a great holiday trip for her family and she showed me some nice pictures that she has taken in the whole journey....Very nice view and relaxing place for a family.
My friend has done some research in advance before going for her holiday trip and found that the best way is to have Mentone Alabama Cabins. Their prices is reasonable and they even have special package for two for their Mentone Cabin.
Have you ever heard of bass house? It is one of the most enchanting Log cabins in Mentone.Bass House offers vacation cabin rentals for romantic vacations and family vacations. From the porch of the bass house, you will be able to enjoy watching Canada geese, deer, ducks, turkeys, and rabbits amid the peaceful surroundings of the Mentone area.
Same time, your family can always enjoy Barbeque session since they do provide the charcoal grill amenities and for the kids,they can enjoy their favourite DVD movies while having fun during the vacation.
For those who like fishing and paddle boat,these two services are available in small charges.
Simple make the booking online and have fun trip with your family for the coming school holiday.
As for the payment, get ready even your credit card (visa or mastercard) and if you do have Paypal account, it is accesible for the payment too.

Anyone who want to have a lovely weekend with your family or friends,these wonderful place is the best option and don't forget to make an advance booking for the cabin rental in Mentone AL.

Need a dentist

This few weeks, I kept experiencing toothache on and off and it was killing when the pain strike in the middle of the night, I could not sleep well the whole night.
I did though of going to a dental clinic to get my teeth done,but thinking of going to dental clinic, I was so scared. It reminded me of my childhood where my father brought me to dental clinic after several toothaches experiences. I got more than 10 of my teeths to be cleaned by the dentist at that point of time and it was really pain....every time when came to my turn, I sure would sweat a lot.
But can I bear with the pain every time when it attacks me....of course " NO "..so to solve the main problem at one go, I decided to pay a visit to Dentist Carrickmacross. Same time, I will go for air polishing and teeth whitening treatment. Since I have decided to give my teeth a good treatment for once in a lifetime, and one thing for sure the charges are not that expensive,it is quite reasonable prices.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring Toss Yee Sang..

After been waiting for so long...at last I received my Yee Sang prize that I won from Spring Toss facebook contest quite some time back. I joined this contest few months back and I can only received the prize this year.
I supposed to receive this prize yesterday,but then I miss out...must be I overslept and never hear my door bell rang,so I got a note from CityLink...quickly gave them a call today and within few hours later, I got this big parcel at my doorstep.

Although I may toss this Yee Sang late,but I still feel happy with the prize.

My first yee sang tossing was quite sometimes back,while I was working in OCBC Bank Singapore. We have gathering with our team mate during Chinese New Year and that was my first time trying Yee Sang. Taste ok for me.
Therefore Spring Toss Yee Sang will be my second toss...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chap Go Meh...

Today is marked as Chap Go Meh,the last day of Chinese New Year...how fast the time flies...the 15 days of CNY has over and life still go on.
This month of February, Ryan has been having lot of holidays from school and today is also his off-day,so as usual we just lepak at home & tonight we will have another round of steamboat dinner ( 3 of us - Ryan,Mummy & Daddy). We just love to eat steamboat and it is simple to prepare. I will also fry kwetiau as a side dishes as per Ryan's request.
As usual, Sibu people like to play with firecrackers and fireworks,...so tonight we will have another round of firecrackers and fireworks show to watch.Happy !!

How do you guys celebrate "Chap Go Meh" with your family?

Lastly, wish all my blogger friends " Happy Chap Go Meh "...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day Pictures, Images and Photos
Yes...14th February is marked as Valentine's Day...
Do I celebrate it? .... ** :( ... the answer : NO.
I could not remember when is the last time I celebrated Valentine's Day..I believe before I got marriage. After my marriage,no more Valentine's Day for me and husband and we don't even remember THIS DAY.
Talking about Valentine's gifts....I don't think I ever received any valentine gifts before except roses (during my dating time)....My hubby is not a romantic type person and don't expect him to bring me for romantic dinner or give me any suprises. Anyway, all these are not important to me..as long as he treats me well and love our family ,that is more than enough.

At here, I wish all my bloggers' friends " Happy Valentine's Day"...any celebration with your spouses/lover?...

Friday, February 11, 2011

CNY angpow packet...

First, I wanna wishes all my blogger friends " Happy Lunar New Year"
Today is the 9th day of Chinese New Year....next Thursday will be Chap Go Meh,there will be another round of steamboat dinner for 3 of us again. I like to prepare steamboat for dinner,it is much more simple and taste delicious.
This year, our chinese new year celebration is more quiet as my MIL is not at home,less relative come for a visit too...so most of the goodies will be whose share? .... 2 ( me and my husband's portion).

As usual, I am still collecting those CNY angpow packets from bank,supermarket and companies. It has been my 7th year of collecting angpow packets and I am still doing it,it has been part of my hobby. Too bad my MIL is not at Sibu this year,so for sure I will have less angpow packets..normally she will help to collect some from her friends and relatives.
But I am very happy that I got some angpow packets through Facebook....and they look very nice. They definitely add to my collection.

For those blogger friends who also collect angpow packets, we can always share our collection (for extra piece). If you guys have any nice angpow packet and wanna share with me...I always welcome it too...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ryan's school update

After holiday for one week during CNY celebration,last Monday Ryan started his school again.
I was so worried that he may refuse to go to school after resting for one week, but lucky he did not. The only thing,Ryan has to sleep more earlier before 10.30pm on weekdays as the next day he has to wake up early for school.
Today has been the third day Ryan go to school, overall he is still doing fine,only when I waved 'goodbye' to him, Ryan showed me a sad face and tears shed down,but he did not cry so bad.
I did asked the teacher about Ryan's performance at school.....Glad to know that he can mix around with his friends now.
I just hope Ryan can adapt well at this new school....

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Outdoor Lighting

Our new house is almost come to completion stage and now it is time to do some renovation works for the house . For the kitchen and furniture, it has been arranged ,the only thing we are looking for is the lightings for both indoor and outdoor.It is not an easy task to look for lights as there are many different types and we have to set our budgets on anything we are going to spend on our new house.
Choosing the right Outdoor wall lights will create an elegant atmosphere with warmth,thus give an elegant look and improve my modern home exterior. When our guests come and pay a visit,outdoor wall lighting will be the first key impression.
To make it looks perfect,we can opt for installing outdoor wall scones or exterior motion sensor & security lights.
I would say,nowadays the lights design are pretty nice and after been looking for so many different types, I still can't decide which one should I buy for the outdoor wall scones. Some of them have a very unique design which I like,but the price is slightly higher than my budget.
Due to high crime rates, I might need exterior motion sensor and security lights for my new house. At least I will need two sets for the whole house,for the front and back of the house.
Their designs are much more simple and the price is pretty reasonable too.

RDS Medical

Chinese New Year is still going on and during our reunion dinner, I got the chance to meet all my cousins and we are having a good chat for all night. One of my cousin has just graduated from university and he is very lucky to get a good pay job in pharmacy industry.
He highlighted to me about RDS Medical Compound pharmacy. It is a company providing full-service specialized in Customizable Steroid Injections, Bio Identical Hormones and Anti-Aging Medicine for Men and Women.
Since I am not in this industry , I am wondering what is compounding pharmacies? I am glad that my cousin has given me brief explanation that compounding pharmacy will mix drugs/hormons based on each patient's requirement. They can also tranform the medicine from pill to liquid.
It is definitely a very good additional knowledge that I learnt from my cousin that night.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Thanks to AAF...

Few weeks ago, I joined AAF contest for creating CNY e-card (through Facebook) and I won myself a car boot organizer (green colour) from AAF..this is my second prize from AAF.
So far, I have two car boot organizers from AAF and they are pretty useful. I can put and arrange my things neatly using the car boot organizer. Definitely a good prize for me..

For those ,who has not joined AAF group...let's login to your facebook account and join AAF.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Low Cost Business

Setting up own business is everyone dream. Some people prefer to do own business than being employed,but of course there are group of people who prefer to work with others,at least less risk and worries and every month just wait for the salary to be in.
However,there is a proverb says : No risk ,No gain.
Therefore investing in low cost franchise is also a good idea for someone who really want to do their own small business. Of course,before putting the investment in, you have to do some studies on the type of business that you are interested in,doing some surveys and then only come out with business proposal. A franchise can be a huge money maker if you can get into the right one for you.
Another way doing low cost business is having a home business such as setting up an online store. You can set your own budget and doing some research on what business that you are interested in and more suitable for the current market.
Some of my friends are doing an online store and their business is pretty good and slowly they open up their market to overseas customers.
The most important is you must have confidence on yourself and set your goal in order to be success.

Art Supplies

One of my friend is going to have her birthday next week and I keep thinking what is the best birthday present for her.I wanted to give her something unique yet useful for her.
Oh.....it came across my mind that she loves drawing, she is very good in art. During our high school time, I remembered well that she always got champion in her drawing and she even joined some competition and got some prizes.
Therefore getting her some art supplies is the best birthday present for her. I started to look for better offer online and came across art supplies UK. It offers wide varieties of discount art supplies and it even have special range for gift sets,which offer some discounts.
Apart from it, it comes with different brand such as winsor and newton, daler-rowney,derwent,caran d'ache and loxley.
So what to wait....faster place my order and let it deliver to my friend's house doorstep before her birthday.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cooler Trailers

The other day my friend called me from overseas and we have small chat after losing contact for quite sometimes. It is always feel great to keep in touch with old mates.
We chatted about our life, her work's life and anything we can think of. My friend is working in MNC company and she was in charge in operations department. She told me that her company is currently looking for refrigerated vans,and she is helping her company to look for best choice. Refrigerated vans is definitely not cheap and it required specialized maintenance which cost alot too.
Refrigerated truck is another option that her company is looking at. It is actually more cost saving and perfect for small businesses.
I came across a website named Cooler Trailers.com which definitely will give a big help for my friend and I have recommended to have a browse on it for more details.

Gong Xi Fatt Chay..

Ping Ping Pong Pong....fireworks are everywhere at Sibu..It started around 11pm and till now over 12 midnight the fireworks war still carry on. My housing estate area is very smoky ,but it is fun as some of them are so beautiful. Ryan is so happy...we can see very beautiful fireworks from our bedroom....how nice it is...

Wish all my blogger friends .... " Happy Chinese New Year"....
May this Rabbit years bring happiness,good fortune and joy to you and your dear one !!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ryan's 4th birthday

1 Feb 2011 is Ryan's 4th birthday and we just have simple celebration at home.
In the afternoon, I cook Mee Suah chicken soup with egg for our lunch.
As for dinner, we have simple dishes and followed by cake cutting after dinner.
Ryan was so happy when I told him after dinner, he could have a cake to eat. He just can't wait to eat the cake..quickly have his dinner and rushed to the fridge and asked for the birthday cake.
When I saw his smile and happiness seeing his birthday cake, I was so happy too..

Mummy and Daddy wish Ryan " stay healthy and always be our good boy".
We love you so much, Ryan...

Multi Grain Cheerios..

Yesterday afternoon,a courier man rang my house bell and lucky my husband was at home to pick up the parcel.
Just wondering what parcel is that?
Oh....I won a pack of Multi Grain Cheerios from facebook contest.

Thanks Nestle for the prize...it will be my husband's breakfast for tomorrow...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Acne remover

I was visiting my friend last week and we were chit chatting about our daily life, our kids and also about our skin.
My friend told me that she is suffering from Acne on her neck for the past few months. She feel embarrasing,depressing and low self esteem because of this sickness. She has been seeking for treatment,but it shows very slow recovery.
What is neck acne?..It is basically caused by the pores getting clogged due to a build-up of cells inside pores which stick together and cause a plug. These pores can burst, causing redness and pus to develop.Irritation can also aggravate neck acne.
So I am browsing online for some information on neck acne and came across Acne Remover
book. It provide a complete information on what food help and reduce the acne and what to do with acne problem. I quickly recommended this book to my friend and she is happy to get to know about this book. It definitely help her a lot to cure her acne.

Shoe Shoe..

Chinese New year is coming soon...another 2 more days and I still can't find any suitable shoes for this Chinese New year.
Suddenly it strike my mind to buy shoes online..it is more convenience & I can get the shoes I want at my doorstep.
I came across a website named Toricks, they are selling all type of ladies shoes.
Their design are great and the most important the price is reasonable too.
After browsing through their pages, I like Pewter mid heel sandals. The design is very nice and the most important it is suitable for pant and skirt usage. So what to wait...let's make my order at the shoes online UK and hope I can get my order before Chinese New Year.

Happy Birthday, Ryan ...

The clock just striked 12 midnight and it is 1st Feb 2011.... Yeah....Ryan is officially 4 years old today and while I am writing this post, he is just having his night sleep. Since there is no school for this whole week, I allow him play bit late and let him enjoy his night time.
So any birthday celebration for this year?.... Just a simple one....will cook few dishes for dinner followed by cake cutting.
Since last month, Ryan has told me that he want to have birthday cake with spiderman and a car on top of the cake. So I ordered the cake exactly like what he wants.I will collect the birthday cake tomorrow afternoon from the bakery.
As for the birthday present, we bought him a blocks and Ryan is so happy. He can create all sort of cars,ships,etc....with his new toy.
Will upload Ryan' s birthday photo in my next post..Stay Tune !!