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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

CNY performance @Civic Centre

On 14 Jan 2012, we went to watch CNY performance organized by Sibu RTM at Civic Centre (that was the night where our car was almost stolen).
The performance was started at 7pm,so we have an early dinner and quickly get ready for the performance. Ryan was getting excited to watch the dragon show,etc.
It was started slightly late around 7.30pm and was crowded,lucky we managed to get 4th row seat.
Ryan enjoyed the show for the first half an hour,after that he started to get bored and complained hungry.I forgot to bring some snacks for Ryan to eat.

Let's the pictures do the work now.....

It was our first time watching CNY performance at Civic Centre and bad incident happened to us,such a bad luck!!
However, we enjoyed the whole performance...

Lastly, I wish all my bloggers' friends " happy chinese new year "