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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Off to Rev James M Hoover Memorial Garden

Last weekend, we have our family outing...we brought Ryan to Hoover Memorial Garden for cycling for the very first time. Since last week, Ryan requested to cycling on the road (outside the house),but I rejected his request because it was dangerous. Instead, hubby came out this good idea.

The weather is just nice..windy and no sun. It was our first time been to Hoover Memorial Garden.Ryan was getting excited and could not wait to go cycling. Normally, Ryan only cycling inside the house.But this time, he was cycling in the garden and the road was not that smooth type, he was bit nervous at first...but after a while, he get used to it and he cycled happily around the garden. Too bad, the sky getting dark soon and started to rain,...Ryan was disappointed..I promised to bring him there again during weekend if the weather is permitted.