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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Outing

Today is Sunday and we don't have much programme to spend our family day. As usual, wake up around 7+am,then prepare simple breakfast for 3 of us. We have chicken charsiew pau for breakfast.
Lately my immune system is weak and easily get flu. Lucky I have the right medicine Clarinase to cure my illness.
As for lunch, I make a quick simple lunch ( noodle soup ) and we walloped everything clean. Even Ryan can eat 1 big bowl of noodle soup. Of course, I added some sausages,vegetables balls,etc (bought from Giant). After that, I have a nap for awhile and lucky as of now, it seems my flu is getting better. No more sneeze and runny nose.
Tonight, we will have a birthday party to attend. It is my husband's uncle birthday. For Foochow tradition, when a man reached 69 years old, he will be celebrating his birthday grandly (hope I get this info right)...correct me if I am wrong.

Another good news to share....Ryan just have another little "uncle" born last Friday.Although Ryan is older than the baby,but Ryan has to call him "Uncle".

So how do you enjoy your Sunday?.....

Ryan @ 4 years 9 mths

Another 3 more months Ryan will reach 5 years old. He is getting more independent and asking more Question (why ..why...why), I guessed it happened to all kids at his stage of age.Sometimes, I really don't know how to asnwer to his questions.
As for school, Ryan will be in K1 next year. At this moment, Ryan has finished his final year exam and now is waiting for his exam result. Hope Ryan can pass with flying color.
The happiest news is WE are going back to Medan next month (Yes...another 30 more days we will be in Medan for 3 weeks). I can't wait for that day as I miss my family & food alot. Yeah **** Medan, we are coming soon....