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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, September 29, 2008

My new shoes

My leg is getting bigger as I grow up, so mommy decided to get me a new shoes. It is hard to get a nice shoes for Ryan as his leg is big size.This shoes is pretty cheap (RM15) and has a light "blink blink" if I step it.

Free Gift from Scott's Emulsion

Last week, while I was doing my grocery shopping, my eyes saw this free gift from Scott's Emulsion, a water bottle.Since Ryan has been taking it everyday, so I just grab another bottle to keep stock @home.No rugi to buy since it comes with free gift.

Gift from Auntie Ann

Thank you to my MP buddy Ann for sending me the Mamypoko Taiwan with Mickey character.

Let's go Gai Gai...

Who want to tumpang my car???Dun worry about the safetyness,my daddy will guide me at my side.Ryan is so happy that he can hold on to the car stirring and go BRRooMM BRRooMM.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ToDaY MeNu

This morning, I decided to cook 'pumpkin porridge' for Ryan for his breakfast and lunch.After cutting away the pumpkin skin,I will slice the pumpkin into small cubes.Take 1 cup of rice into a pot,add in the pumpkin and minced pork/chicken.Firstly, I will cook the porridge in a pot for about 20 mins before pouring it into a slow cooker (cook for another 1 hour). Served the pumpkin porridge with Bovril.

As for his dinner, I prepared 'Frog Leg' soup.After cleaning the frog legs, I skinned out the frog leg's meat,cut into small pieces,so that Ryan can chew it well.Add some sliced ginger,sliced carrot & chinese wolf berries.Put in a little bit of oyster sos,salt and mushroom powder(from Cosway) for seasoning.Remember to add some water(for the soup based) before steaming the frog legs for about 25mins.Served the Frog Leg soup hot with white rice.
Sorie no pic taken for the Frog Leg Soup, will snap it next time...

Health Supplement

Last week, when I was walking around @ Farley supermarket, my eyes catched up this health supplement called Scott's Emulsion which is good for children.I decided to buy the ORANGE flavor. Ryan is eating it everyday after his morning bath and Scott's Emulsion is his 1st health supplement.

Scott's Emulsion is rich in cod liver oil which is a natural source of Omega-3 Vitamin A & D, calcium and phosphorus. It helps children to build their natural body resistance to infections like coughs and colds and develop strong bones and teeth during their growing years.

It is a brand trusted by mothers for generations to help protect their children from coughs and colds, so that they will grow strong and healthy.

Scott's Emulsion is available in two variants : Original and Orange flavours,can be easily availabe in the retails supermarket.

Check out this info :http://gsk.com.my/healthcare-index.html

Monday, September 22, 2008

My MeaL 4 ToDaY

tomato porridge served with Bovril

Every night I will think of what to cook for Ryan on the next day including breakfast,lunch and dinner. Since he has started to eat rice when he was 15 months old, I have tried to introduce more new foods to him.
When I opened up the fridge, I saw red tomatoes. I decided to cook 'red tomatoes' porridge for his breakfast and lunch today. As for dinner, he will eat rice with mashed tofu+minced pork(steaming).
For his tea times, he will drink glucose water today(good to avoid the heatiness in will cook barley water or the body).
Not to forget about fruit as his daily meal.Today I decided to introduce a pear for Ryan. It is his 1st time eating pear.I will cut into small pieces and let him try after his dinner tonight.

Red Packets Collection

I remembered last time I did talked to some MP mommies on red packets collection. Lets have a look at part of my red packets collection. The above red packets are from Malaysia & Hongkong comics. Currently I have 6 albums(ie.hari raya packet,singapore red packets,malaysia red packets & Indonesia red packets) for my rec packets,too bad I can't snap out all, so I just showed some nice 1 only.

McDonalds' Olympic Glass

Do everyone noticed that McDonalds is having Limited Edition Olympic Glass during Beijing 2008 Olympic? They come with 5 designs and I only managed to get 1 design (swimming).Thx to my sis for helping me to get this Olympic Glass @LCCT last month during his trip to KL-Sibu.Another adding to my collection of McDonalds' items.


Free Gift from WYETH

Last week I received a mailer from Wyeth Club.Wyeth company has produced 2 different type of milk formula: Progress Gold (1-3yrs old) & Promise Gold (3-7yrs old).Now they have included their milk formula with LUTEIN.As a predominant macular pigment in the retina of the eye, Lutein is able to filter blue light and may protect the eye.They do attached some flash cards in the mailer as well(ie:shapes,sizes,fruits,vegetables,flowers).

For more details, call Wyeth Mama Careline : 1800 885526 or log on to www.wyethnutrition.com.my

Diaper Sample (part 2)

I have received the Scoobedry and Drypantz sample for 2nd time for this month.
Thanx alot to SCA and Genesis company for sending me the free sample without my request...

Friday, September 19, 2008

I LoVe Your BloG AwArd

Special thanks to Mommy YenPing and Mommy Peiwun and Mommy Esmeralda for giving me this award. Feels so happy you gals love my blog and always visit and leave comments on my blog :)

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I'm going to pass this award to these buddies becoz I love their blogs too.


BloG LoVe AwArD

Thank you so much Mommy YenPing for this LOVE awards.

I'm so glad that you award me with this BLOG LOVE.

Now i would pass this "BLOG LOVE AWARDS" to :


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So all friend's let's spread this BLOG LOVE !

Mid-Autumn Celebrations

Sorie for posting it late...pretty busy with Ryan lately, so I have not been updating my blog for the past few days.
Mid-Autumn celebration was falls on 14 Sept'08. As usual, mil will do the cooking for dinner (some special dishes). After taking our dinner, we headed to nearest park to see lanterns. I was not feeling well on that day (get a flu). The parks were very crowded, we quickly snapped some pics as the winds blew strongly and seem going to rain. After a while, rain started to come, we rushed back to the car and back home.

Lastly, wish everyone " happy belated mid autumn festival".

My Bicycle

Grandma bought me a bicycle last thursday. I am so happy to see this 'new thing',mummy taught me how to cycle around, but my legs kept drop to the floor. Ended up, mummy has to push the bicycle around the house as I still do know how to cycle.
I saw some cute sticker on the bicycle.Now my attention is on the stickers, not the bicycle anymore. I refused to sit on the bicycle,my hands keep digging out the sticker. A few days later, most of the bicycle's stickers are gone because of my Itchy Hand.

Monday, September 8, 2008

My Sunday

Last Sunday, Daddy & Mummy brought Ryan to Dr.Law for JE(booster) immunization. We reached the clinic around 10am,there are very crowded & we have to wait for about 25 mins before Ryan's name was called. Ryan did not want to go inside the clinic, when he reached the main entrance, he pointed out & started to cry.
So we just waited outside for his turn to come, he just walked here & there playing. At last, his name was called, I have to hug him tightly to bring him in to the clinic as he started to cry & refused me to carry him. I have to use all my strenght to carry Ryan.He is pretty heavy & have alot of energy. While waiting for doctor inside the waiting room, he kept crying ..... hiks hiks hiks....my poor boy!

Of course, while face to face with the doctor, he cried louder. It took less than 1 min, everything is done.The nurse did not even measure his weight & height as Ryan was crying all the way.We have to rush out once the doctor is DONE with the injection.
The JE(booster) is supposed to be given to Ryan last month (18 mths old).So it has been delayed by a month. For the next 2 months, Ryan need to visit Dr.Law's clinic for DPT/HIB/Polio(for Oct'08) & Hep A-2nd dose(for Nov'08). Dr.Law did suggested me to give Ryan Pneumococcal & Chicken pox together in Nov'08. If were to combined 3 different kind of injection in Nov'08, daddy 's pocket is going to burn a BIG HOLE(cost about RM400 plus for all).
I just hope the next visit, Ryan will stay calm. No more crying...Pity him, the tears dropped nonstop by the time we stepped into the clinic.

Friday, September 5, 2008

My 19 mths old **

Time flies very very fast *** Ryan has grown up to be a toddler & now he is 19 mths old. Any big changes in his development compared to last month???? Let's me recall back.........**think think think**

1. I have started do potty training for the past few months(I think almost 3 months). Now Ryan will let me know when he wants to pee pee.But of course, there is always a time when he will miss it when he is playing & forget about it. However, if he pee on his pant, he will just stand there (no move) and will call 'ma ma', it means he has get his pant wet & need a change on it.
But I still not able to train him on poo poo, he just refused to sit on the pot for long.
It really takes long time to get this potty training successful and I must have alot of patience going thru it. I always tell myself : Sure one day, Ryan will get out of the diaper usage 100%. Just hope the DAY will come soon.

2. Not much development on Ryan's speech. Last week, my mum & sis are visiting us from Medan. Ryan will call "grandma" as 'ma ma ma'. OMG, he seems calling everybody 'ma ma ma'.So Who's his real mom????

3. Like to click on his mommy & daddy when we are online surfing net. He is like a little blogger..pressing the keyboard. He even know where is the ON/OFF button on the laptop and also place to slot the CD/VCD/DVD. He will open up the cover & slot the cd(he likes to dig out daddy's cds from the drawer), then try to close cover back. Of course, he did not manage to do it as he never slot the cd properly.
~~~ ITCHY HAND ~~~

4. I noticed that Ryan like to use his left hand to wave ' bye bye'. I have been telling him to use right hand as a politeness, but then most of the time he will use his left hand again. Just wondering, will he be a left-handed like his DADDY??? (oohhh ohhhhh......the answer is maybe).

5. Ryan can understand most of the things that I tell him to do like : keeping his toys back to the basket/drawer,throw away rubbish into the dustbin,faster go wear shoes go 'gai gai' and alot mores....

6. Like to eat any kind of foods like adult.OMG....I have to keep the titbits inside the container in order to prevent him eat it as titbits are heaty food.

7. For the weight & height, has not been measured for the past few months. I guess his weight should be around 12 kgs. No idea on his height.

Gift from MamyPoko

Received Winnie The Pooh story book from Mamypoko as a winner of INVITE FRIENDS Campaign. So happy that this round I managed to get the story book as I have missed out on the previous campaign.

Hope Mamypoko will have more outcoming campaign for its member.

Free Diaper Sample

Received BabySoft & ScoobeDry sample last 2 days.Will let Ryan have a try on it.

For enquiry on free sample,email :adelinet_anpers@hotmail.com
(attn : Ms.Adeline)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Brillante Weblog Premio Award 2008

A big thank you to MP buddy Esmeralds for this Brillante Weblog Premio -2008 award. Sorry for posting it late. I have been receiving several awards from my buddies for the past one months.

Here are the rules that come with the award:
The rules are these:

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Now it's my turn to make my 7 nominations, so the award goes to :
Shiok Fun