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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

CNY Cookies

Chinese New Year is coming soon and I was busy doing the spring cleaning,buying all those CNY goodies, and also bake some CNY cookies.
I baked 2 type of cookies : peanut butter cookies and Nestum cookies.
As for the pineapple cookies and Bangkit susu cookies, my dearest sister helped me bake them while I was in Medan last month.
I managed to finish all my baking session before school started.Thanks GOD...!!
This year will be my first year have to prepare CNY goodies for my guests,all the while all this things were prepared by my MIL(no choice la..now I stay on my own).

Here are the 2 cookies that I baked.



So how is your preparation for this coming CNY?Have you done with your spring cleaning,baking cake and cookies?
To all my blogger's friends ,Feel free to visit me during CNY......