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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Shopping......for Children SHOES..

Am I a shopalholic?? Yes..I used to be a shopalholic when I was "Single" and still working in Singapore. Almost every weekend, I will go for shopping,not to forget buy something for myself,of course, I was not aiming for those branded goods.
As long as the things I like,suit me and the price is reasonable,then I will
grabbed it.That was my past...

Now, after married, no working(means no income), my shopalholic habit has "GONE".
I only shop for whatever necessary and most of my shopping is goes to my son Ryan.I seldom shop for myself.

I have been planning to get a pair of new shoes for Ryan since the one he is having now started to get tight for his feet.
While browsing through some online store for children shoes, I came across this children shoes website - baby shoes.
Start-rite today is an eighth generation family business. They are a wholesaler whose brand retails through a network of over 400 independent and multiple retailers across the UK and internationally.Apart from it,Start-rite shoes achieved another first when, as supplier of footwear to the Windsor children, it was granted the Royal Warrant by Queen Elizabeth in 1955.

After browsing through this interesting website, I definitely fall in love with some of the shoes displayed especially these Trainer GSR 1905.
The shoes is ultra lightweight and non-marking whilst the cushioned sock offers additional support and comfort. The additional benefit is the anti-bacterial lining which eliminates any odours. This is definitely the best shoes for sport(ie: football).

How I wish I have a daughter, as the shoes range for girls in Star-rite are so tempting. I can't resist to google more on Girls' shoes section and I found some girls' shoes that I like.
Does it means... I am planning for my second child?? ...... " A Big Question Mark"......Let's you guys GUESS !!*****

Lastly, I found this useful tutorial in youtube on how to on how to measure your own kids' feet using Start-rite's programme called Click 'n' Fit. By using this programme, you can accurately measure your child's feet, determine the footwear size appropriate for your child and make your order from Start-rite. Pretty simple...,right?

Take your sweet time to have a close look on this tutorial:

Star-rite is not only offer best range for children shoes,but it does have provide a good information on how to get the best shoes which fit your child's feet ,not to forget, it does have "win free shoes" contest opened to UK residents only.Don't miss out this good chance!!