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Monday, July 21, 2008

Skin Allergy

Yesterday morning, my hubby & I brought Ryan to Dr.Law coz his leg has red spots for the past few days. The red spots will only appeared in the morning on his leg & hand. No other symptons was shown up....in order to make us feel safe, we decided to bring him see a doct. We reached there about 9.40am...its very crowded & we have to waited for about half an hour before Ryan name was called.
When I was about to sit down & told doct was is happening,Ryan cried. He always cry when see Dr.Law. According to doct, it is skin allergy & he will give 2 kind of medicine to be eaten & 1 kind of medicine to apply on the red spots. After that, we walked out & before that Ryan will wave 'BYE BYE' to Dr.Law.

In the afternoon after having his lunch, I feed him the medicine. It is the 1st time Ryan is so cooperative taking his medicine. Normally, he will cry and refuse to open his mouth when see me take the medicine for him.GOOD BOY (give Ryan a big kisses)*-*

By night time, all the red spots are gone.I decided to feed him the medicine again & hope tomorrow everything is back to normal.

So this morning when he woke up, the first thing that I did is to check his leg & hand. No more red spots till now.