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Friday, July 15, 2011

Hair styles

Last weekend, I brought Ryan to salon for a haircut. That was the very first time he went to salon for his haircut.All the while, I brought Ryan to a barbershop to get his hair cut.
Before the hairstylist started to cut Ryan's hair, I discussed with him any new kids hairstyles to recommend. After chatted for awhile,the hairstylist started to cut Ryan's hair and I like Ryan's new hair style (sorry no picture to show,forget to snap the picture).

As for me, I also got my haircut at the sametime and I chose for medium hairstyles. It did help to create a voluminous look to my hair.
I did thought of changing my hairstyle and yet to decide whether I should go for "medium bob hairstyle" for my next visit.Should I? Will it suit my face?...


Alice Law said...

Wow, it must be quite expensive for kids to hv their hair done in a saloon, mine too always send to barber or those home hairdresser.:)

suituapui said...

Since I retired, I let my hair grow, never bother about the mess.,..no money to go so often. :(