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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, June 25, 2012

Jurong Bird Park, Singapore

*backdated post*

At last, I have free time to blog about my holiday trip to Jurong Bird Park,Singapore. After having our breakfast,here we were at Jurong Bird Park. Ryan was very excited..he could not wait to see those birds flying here and there and the birds performing some shows.
Since we planned to go to Jurong Bird Park + Zoo, hubby opted for 2 in 1 Park Hoppers Special promo tickets. I would say,those tickets are not cheap at all,but it was worthy to spend on it esp for the kids' knowledge.
After getting the tickets, we started to explore our walk-plan. Since we arrived there early, we managed to catch 2 shows : Kings of the Skies + Birds n Buddies Show.



As we walked around, we spotted different types of birds ..... have a quick look at those pictures...

For the special Programmes,of course, additional charges are applicable for adult and child at different rates.
Since it was also school holiday in Singapore, we spotted a big group of children from different schools in Singapore engaging fun activities at the Bird Park. So fun....!!

While walking around, we spotted a nice waterfall...we stopped by to snap a pix.

 Here is the mini playground inside the Jurong Bird Park...Ryan was having fun playing with the slide...

 Here is the last stop we dropped by : Penguin Coast

Although we all felt tired walking around the Jurong Bird Park.....but we  felt happy esp our little boy Ryan.