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Thursday, January 6, 2011

First Day school (Year 2011)

Last Monday 3rd Jan 2011 was Ryan's first day school at Rejang Park Kindergarten. He is under Pre-K class. It starts at 8am,so we have to leave the house around 7.30am. I was pretty nervous about Ryan's first day at school. Because the environment is totally new to him, will he cry or refuse to go school when the Day comes. Lucky, he never said " don't want go to school ".
Before we left the house, hubby snapped this picture "Ryan on his school uniform"

Once we reached the school, I brought Ryan to his classroom.There are 27 students in Ryan's class. Everything is new for Ryan ,even the teacher is new to him too. Ryan was bit confused as so many new friends were crying. Since his classroom is at upstair,so when we walked up the stair, we have heard of crying voice here and there. I prayed hard that Ryan did not cry when I left him at school.Lucky he was doing fine and even waved goodbye to me.

But today...on his 4th day school, he cried when I left him inside the classroom, he kept calling "Mummy"...then I accompanied him for awhile and then I told him that "mummy will come back to fetch him again soon". Hope these crying episode will end soon...

For these 2 weeks, Ryan will off earlier from school 10.30am instead of actual time which is 12pm. And for these 2 weeks is more on orientation process and have not started any lesson yet.

I really hope Ryan will adapt well at this new school ..... Be good boy,my dear Ryan.