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Monday, February 21, 2011

Diaperless at Night

It has been few weeks Ryan has been diaperless at night and accident did happened few times, it is hardly Ryan will wake up for pee by himself, instead, I have to wake him up and ask him pee in order to avoid accident happened,but once a while, I overslept even my alarm rang (I must be super tired..can't wake up).
There were few times Ryan will wake up by himself and rushed to take his potty and pee in the middle of the night.
I really hope "One Day"..Ryan will be able to wake up by himself when he has the urge to pee ,instead I have to set an alarm to wake him up to pee... When is that day...? still waiting...

Cabin rental

I was chatting with my old mate about holiday trip and she told me about her last trip to Alabama.
It was definitely a great holiday trip for her family and she showed me some nice pictures that she has taken in the whole journey....Very nice view and relaxing place for a family.
My friend has done some research in advance before going for her holiday trip and found that the best way is to have Mentone Alabama Cabins. Their prices is reasonable and they even have special package for two for their Mentone Cabin.
Have you ever heard of bass house? It is one of the most enchanting Log cabins in Mentone.Bass House offers vacation cabin rentals for romantic vacations and family vacations. From the porch of the bass house, you will be able to enjoy watching Canada geese, deer, ducks, turkeys, and rabbits amid the peaceful surroundings of the Mentone area.
Same time, your family can always enjoy Barbeque session since they do provide the charcoal grill amenities and for the kids,they can enjoy their favourite DVD movies while having fun during the vacation.
For those who like fishing and paddle boat,these two services are available in small charges.
Simple make the booking online and have fun trip with your family for the coming school holiday.
As for the payment, get ready even your credit card (visa or mastercard) and if you do have Paypal account, it is accesible for the payment too.

Anyone who want to have a lovely weekend with your family or friends,these wonderful place is the best option and don't forget to make an advance booking for the cabin rental in Mentone AL.

Need a dentist

This few weeks, I kept experiencing toothache on and off and it was killing when the pain strike in the middle of the night, I could not sleep well the whole night.
I did though of going to a dental clinic to get my teeth done,but thinking of going to dental clinic, I was so scared. It reminded me of my childhood where my father brought me to dental clinic after several toothaches experiences. I got more than 10 of my teeths to be cleaned by the dentist at that point of time and it was really pain....every time when came to my turn, I sure would sweat a lot.
But can I bear with the pain every time when it attacks me....of course " NO "..so to solve the main problem at one go, I decided to pay a visit to Dentist Carrickmacross. Same time, I will go for air polishing and teeth whitening treatment. Since I have decided to give my teeth a good treatment for once in a lifetime, and one thing for sure the charges are not that expensive,it is quite reasonable prices.