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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Sunday, June 7, 2009

28 mths old...

Another month has passed and Ryan has reached his 28 months old milestone. Ryan is an active boy,everyday the house is full of his laughters.
*He can speak lot of words nowadays and sometimes will even copycat mommy/daddy's words.Everynight he will even sing a song(his own creation song)or nagging(sometimes dunno say what) before dozed off.
*Will get ready his own bed everynight.Take pillow,Pooh Bolster(actually is mommy's one..now has passed it to Ryan since he likes it),blanket.
*Will give a goodnight kisses to mommy & daddy everynight.
*Have a good memory(never promise him anything as a trick , he will keep asking u to fulfill the promise).
*Like to go jalan-jalan..once mommy said"ryan,go gai-gai",he will faster grab his shoes and wanna put on,then open the door straightly.
*Like to eat ice-cream(seldom give him - eat too much is not good).Normally will put ice-cream into a bread like a sandwich ice-cream.
*Like to play car,plane,colouring.
*At last,can ride his bicycle after trying for half a year(nextime will snap some pic while he is riding his bicycle).
*Like to play with his horse riding (Ryan will always say' yau yau yau ').
*Like to watch Doraemon/Barney/Pattycake vcds.
*Like to watch tv advertisements.

!!!Mommy and Daddy love Ryan so much!!!