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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ToDaY MeNu

This morning, I decided to cook 'pumpkin porridge' for Ryan for his breakfast and lunch.After cutting away the pumpkin skin,I will slice the pumpkin into small cubes.Take 1 cup of rice into a pot,add in the pumpkin and minced pork/chicken.Firstly, I will cook the porridge in a pot for about 20 mins before pouring it into a slow cooker (cook for another 1 hour). Served the pumpkin porridge with Bovril.

As for his dinner, I prepared 'Frog Leg' soup.After cleaning the frog legs, I skinned out the frog leg's meat,cut into small pieces,so that Ryan can chew it well.Add some sliced ginger,sliced carrot & chinese wolf berries.Put in a little bit of oyster sos,salt and mushroom powder(from Cosway) for seasoning.Remember to add some water(for the soup based) before steaming the frog legs for about 25mins.Served the Frog Leg soup hot with white rice.
Sorie no pic taken for the Frog Leg Soup, will snap it next time...

Health Supplement

Last week, when I was walking around @ Farley supermarket, my eyes catched up this health supplement called Scott's Emulsion which is good for children.I decided to buy the ORANGE flavor. Ryan is eating it everyday after his morning bath and Scott's Emulsion is his 1st health supplement.

Scott's Emulsion is rich in cod liver oil which is a natural source of Omega-3 Vitamin A & D, calcium and phosphorus. It helps children to build their natural body resistance to infections like coughs and colds and develop strong bones and teeth during their growing years.

It is a brand trusted by mothers for generations to help protect their children from coughs and colds, so that they will grow strong and healthy.

Scott's Emulsion is available in two variants : Original and Orange flavours,can be easily availabe in the retails supermarket.

Check out this info :http://gsk.com.my/healthcare-index.html