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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fried Long Bean & Chicken Soup

It has been long time I never blog about Ryan's food. Last 2 days I cooked Herbal Chicken Soup (Ching Liang Pu) and fried long bean (with dried scallop) for Ryan's lunch. Ryan like to eat any kind of vegetables. I am glad that he is not a picky eater kid. Whenever he sees some vegetables on the table, he will faster grab a spoon, climb up to the chair and start self feeding.Of course, I will always in a mess. So I better feed him rather than let him eat by himself.

Most of the time, Ryan will be eating rice + vege+ soup for lunch and dinner. Only once a while I will cook porridge for him. As he has been eating porridge since 6 mths old, It is time for him to taste other kind of food.
I am so lucky....most of the food I introduce to him, he likes it. Thumbs up!!!

I love McDonald

Yummy Yummy...you see I enjoyed eating McDonald, one of my favo food. Mommy always say this is an unhealthy food for me. But I just love eating this. Dun care ....keep putting french fries into my mouth. Nonstop....worry later mommy & daddy sapu all habis.

You see, my hand just can't stop taking the french fries, so hungry.....

Now it is time to drink Pepsi after eating nonstop...daddy said,OK, drink abit can. After that I saw a burger, so I tried eating mommy's burger. Oh....it is so yummy. Mommy & daddy must buy me McDonald frequently since I like eating it. Goshh@@@....

We try to limit fast food intake for Ryan,the most only once a month. Apart from McDonald, Ryan also like to eat KFC,yummy chicken meat,some more must eat with tomato sos.

X'Mas Pressie

Thanks to my dear friend Agnes,Wanchin and SuYing for the x'mas pressie for Ryan.