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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Second School holiday for year 2014

Time flies very fast...Now is the second school holiday for this year. It means Ryan has been in Primary 1 for half year, another half year to go... we will have our long break and we are looking forward for our holiday back to Medan.
During this school holiday, we do not have any plan at all. No holiday trip. We just have a good rest at home. As for me, I really have a good rest. Wake up slightly late from the normal time. Do some spring cleaning for my house. At least I can have a good time watching TV programme.
One week is over and we have one more week to go...after that, everything will be back to normal routine again.
For this time, Ryan managed to get a good result in his Semester 1 test. He got 1st position in class. Well done, Ryan !!!

So how is your school holiday? ....

Sunday, March 23, 2014

First school holiday for 2014

At last school holiday is coming. Both me and Ryan have been waiting for this Day to come. Next week onwards we can have a good rest at home. We can sleep late and wake up late. So good.....

Last Friday, Ryan got his 1st report card after studying for about 3 months and I feel satisfied with his result.
Ryan got 1st rank in class and 1st rank for BM stream for Primary 1. Yes..Ryan was enrolled in BM stream. His class has a total of 40 students and only 2 chinese in his class. I also told Ryan....it is fine, you can also mix around with other races in your class and now he has some Iban friends. They also hang around together during the recess time.
I hope Ryan can also maintain his good results...****

As for me, I will also have a week break from my work (Mon to Friday 's job) but weekend I still need to go back for my English tuition lesson. I also plan to do some spring cleaning, make some cakes n jellies during this school holiday.

So how is your holiday.....?

Monday, January 13, 2014

New Life in 2014

It has been almost two weeks Ryan steps to his Primary school. At first I was getting anxious because I enrolled Ryan to BM stream. But luckily Ryan can adapt well in his new environment.
He has few new friends in his class. The only problem is Ryan is trying hard to understand the Malay language that most of his teacher speaks.

I really hope Ryan can do well in his study...

As for myself, I am getting busy with my works everyday except on public holiday I can have a good rest at home.

***  Will be Continued ***