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Monday, September 27, 2010

Mid Autumn Festival

*This is a backdated post*

Mid Autumn Celebration was fall on 22 Sept 2010. As usual, we will have simple celebration at home. MIL was doing the cooking and I did help her up in the kitchen preparing the dishes.
She cooked lot of dishes and the whole dining table was full of food. Too bad , I forgot to snap the picture of the food.
Let's me recall back what food we were having on that day : siomay,corn soup,stir fried brocoli with mushroom,stew pork with Mantow,fried bread stuffed pork,fried noodle,fried kwetiaw.
With only 4 adults and 1 kid, we did not manage to finish up all the dishes. We have a wonderful dinner on that day.

After dinner, we went to Town Area to see the lantern festival.It was pretty crowded,but
nothing much to see.Only few lanterns with some lighting.
When I saw those lantern, I miss the Singapore Lantern Festival at Chinese Garden.
When I was in Singapore , I always been to the Lantern Festival every year and the lanterns were great with different cartoon character, I hope one day I will visit Singapore again for the lantern festival.

Some of the pictures taken in town area :

* Day View*

*Night View*

Lastly, this is Ryan's picture with his Doraemon Lantern(from MIL) and his own-made lantern(from school).


reanaclaire said...

wahh..creative.. own design some more!

mNhL said...

wah...really a lot of food for the 5 of you. hehe...

Ryan's school is so creative to help them make lantern. My boy's school don't have :(

smallkucing said...

The night view so nice. saw similar one at STP's FB

Ann said...

Oh...must visit Spore too if its really so nice.

Good that Ryan got a lantern. My son tak ada this year. I'm so terrible at keeping traditions....even though I really want to.

Linda said...

Mer.. red looks good on you.... :)

vickylow said...

Stew pork with Mantow,fried bread stuffed pork, all sound very special and tempting. The doreamon lantern is cute.

prince n princess mum said...

nice celebrations

Sheoh Yan said...

Simple and nice celebration.

Mummy Gwen said...

Wah...so much great food you had. At least Ryan got lanterns. :)

ChloeRuoyi said...

Nice and simple celebration. The lanterns in town are so nice. Too bad no pics of the FOOD haha..

Merryn said...

he did his own lantern! Nice :D

slavemom said...

My MIL bot the doraemon lantern for the kids too, 2 yrs back, I think. :)