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Monday, August 23, 2010

My Bad Day...

My Birthday is fall in August...another 4 more days to go will be
my BIRTHDAY. However,alot of bad things happened to me within these two

The first case is happened last week when I went to renew my VISA.
It has been my fifth year for Visa Renewal and I always park my car at the
roadside(yellow line area) because the car park is always Full-house.
I reached there in the morning around 8.40am...unfortunately, I forget to
bring enough cash ,therefore, I drove back to Maybank to do the withdrawal and drove
back again to the Immigration Office.
Parked my car at the same place (yellow line area) which I used to park there
every year when I renewed my visa.
Walked up to the office and it was DONE within 15 mins...Super Fast!!
OMG...when I reached my car, I saw a slip of paper near the mirror there, I was
thinking it should be some promotion notice of certain goods.Unfortunately,
when I read carefully, it was a SUMMON from trafik polis...Oh gosh, it was my first
time to get a summon and one thing for sure, my wallet is going to have another hole
I have just spend RM105 for my visa renewal and now I have to pay for the Summon.
Anyway, it cost me RM30 for the summon(not a big sum...but also money lol).

The second case is happened TODAY (23/8/2010). I went to fetch Ryan back from school and these two days Sibu was kept raining and some area has flooded.
Outside my house main road was bit flooded and it was jammed with so many cars, so
I thought of going back home from another route.However, I never knew that the place I intended to passby was so terrible...it was flooded very high and I got myself stuck in between. I should say " I am stupid", I should not drive all the way through
the flood water in the first place,but I also never realized that the water level
can be so high and it was not only flooded at that part of street, It was almost
the whole street was full with water.
I could not blame others..I should blame myself being " so stupid ",what to do....???
My heart was beating fast and my brain kept thinking, should I u-turn back in order to go back home...and If I were to u-turn back,of course, I have to pass through again the flooded area where I have pastby just now and for my car...it is pretty dangerous...my car engine can be easily stop working and I will be in the middle of the "SEA"(really looks like a sea..yellowish water).
Luckily ,there was another uncle who followed my car and he was stucked here with me.
Have a short chat with him on what is his next plan...at last, I decided to park my car at the road side(that car park has no water),then follow that Uncle's car back home with Ryan. This Uncle was kind enough to send me home...Thanks God!! I have a rescuer.
Before I went off to his car, I noticed that my Plat number(front part) has gone missing and I believe it was lying in the flood (the yellowish water)...what to do...
I have to spent Money again to make the new plat number,or else, police will catch me
After reached home and have my lunch...my MIL sent me to nearby neighbourhood to
get the Plat Number done,cost me RM40.At that point of time, the sun was bright and the water level started to slow down...best time to fetch my car back home.So MIL
sent me back to the place where I parked my car. Still flooded,but at least the water started to slow down(not that high level).
Slowly, I drove back home safely. Thanks god....I managed to get my car back home.

I pray hard that no more bad things happened to me AGAIN.
My birthday is coming soon (this 27 Aug) and I wish all those bad things will bring
some good luck to me.Pray hard!!


cleffairy said...

Alamak... susah jatuh ditimpa tangga. So cham. Hope everything will be better for you soon.

edith said...

Nevermind, be positive. Many more good days will come. At least you have some life experiences that you can talk about when you are old.

MeRy said...

Cleffairy & Edith - I will be fine...Tq for your concerns.

Linda said...

hmm.... cheer up.. it's not thaaat baaad... :)

For the parking summons... try writing a letter of complain to whoever issue u the summons... maybe u might get a positive feedback. Last time, I also got parking summons, hubby complained, and we don't need to pay.

Thanks God that you and Ryan were safe from the flood.... it must be very scary...

So.... SMILE.... and have a meerry merry birthday...

Cynthia said...

oh.. now you can start counting down to your 'big' day.. no worry, ppl say, when you feel that's the worst you have, the greatest will just be on his way..

agnes said...

am sure u will have a plesant bday soon :)

Mommy Ling said...

Oh...dear. Nevermind at least everything is fine. No worry, cheer up!!

eugene said...

take care ya, and Happy another 2 days to your birthday,,, celebration? share with us the good things ya,, chao, punch out now,

take care ya

reanaclaire said...

Mery, can i have your email? pls write to me at reanact@gmail.com

Oliveoylz said...

Looking at the bright side...you are lucky that a good samaritan fetched you and Ryan home when you were stuck in the flood. Better things to come after all this bad episodes...Stay positive, fren.

Mummy Gwen said...

It's ok..don't think about it anymore. Don't worry, your birthday will be a great one. :)

smallkucing said...

Happy Birthday to you 1st just in case I forget to wish you. Am getting very forgetful lately.

Dont worry. Your bday will be "ong".

Adrine said...

Just 2 more days to your birthday. Don't worry, then you will have a fresh new start :)

BoeyJoey said...

alamak... but most important you and your loved ones are well. Money can be earned again :-).

vickylow said...

It happen to us too. Because of "too clever" drove in a low lever flood and the front car plate gone missing.
Wish all the bad things gone and more good news coming.

prince n princess mum said...

Happy birthday!~ Bad luck go away!~

reanaclaire said...

Mery, can i have your email? I need to ask you something .. thanks!

Sheoh Yan said...

Here, I wish you Happy Birthday aand may all the dreams come true.

Mummy Moon said...

many many good things will come ! And all the bad things is gone.. Hapy birthday to you. any plan for tomorrow on your big day? hehe

Leona said...

Me too get very down when have to 'donate' money unnecessarily. Anyway, the worst have passed...and a kind soul was there with you to 'save' you from the flood...and you have your birthday to look forward to!

Martini said...

I had the most expensive parking fee (summon from traffic police) for a less than ten minutes park at LCCT airport, Sepang. It's RM 100, I parked my car at the zebra cross, sigh!

So next time, no place to park also can not park at zebra cross, park at yellow line will be much cheaper if get summon.