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Monday, November 8, 2010

Business Directory

Due to high living standard,there is a need for me to look for a job to earn extra money for my family. After being a full-time housewife since I gave birth to my son, probably now is the time for me to join the workforce again...Hopefully, I am not out from this society world which I have left for the past 4 years.
Not easy to get a suitable job,but I am telling myself,not to give up. As long as I have strong determination, sure I can do it.
While surfing online for some job vacancies, I came across this Business Directory which provide very useful information of different business links like accouting, finances,jobs,and so on.
I have bookmarked this website and will hop on to this website for my future references.
It is my pleasure to share this useful information with my bloggers' friends here.


Little Kit Boy said...

I'm sure you'll be able to find a good job very soon; well maybe not these coming two months due to year end and normally people don't intend to resign before getting their Vit B unless necessary.

As you said, never give up and keep trying will never go wrong.

Alice Law said...

Ohhh, very useful site! Thanks for sharing and please have a nice day!

CH Voon said...

It is time for me to search at Business directory. 

Lina said...

?? U do want to work again ?
While i'm wondering how is life to quit my job. I'm planning to quit when yi xin hav a lil bro/sis, mayb next year ??

prince n princess mum said...


Alice Law said...

Well, congratulation for your future undertaking in advance!^-^ I can't wait for my turn! LOL!