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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cremation Jewelry

Ever heard of cremation jewelry?... I guess some of you may know about this. For me, It is something new, I only found out about this interesting stuff this afternoon while I was browsing some websites and I saw a link about cremation jewelry. Feeling curious to know more details....
I spent about half an hour to read through the information. Very useful !!

After browsing through this website....Wow Wow...it is something unique and sure I want my children to do it for me when I leave this beautiful world one day. ** Hope my children will read this post **

For those who has no idea on what I am talking about... A Simple introduction on this unique jewelry will definitely give you a better idea.
Cremation jewelry is a jewelry to keep our loved one's ashes. Nowadays, it has become one of the popular way to memorialize our loved one. It comes in different forms like pendant,ring, bracelet and those not only for human being,but also applicable for our pets.
For your information, some of these cremation jewelry can be worn or for home display purpose.


Small Kucing said...

interesting. I thought it's wear for cremation.

Anonymous said...

This has been introduced a while ago, and Asia Funeral Expo (venue: HKCEC) in May every year always bring in new invention and products in the funeral market. YOu may visit www.asiafuneralexpo.com if you are interested to learn what is new there.

Anonymous said...


You may see memorial diamond as well.

eugene said...

I prefer to keep the bygones in memory rather than in jewelry..hahahahah, solely my opinion lol..

have a great weekend ya