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Friday, November 26, 2010

Snooker Table...

So happy.....Not me,but Ryan because he has a new toy "snooker table".

When I saw this snooker table, I like it too because it is very cute and very fun playing
with this new toy. Lastnight,we were playing almost whole night after our dinner.
Of course, Ryan does not know how to play and he only want to play on his own way,
So let him be..as long as he is happy and enjoy the game..it is fine for me.

Both me and his daddy taught him the right way to play..but he refused to follow and
he said " No,......that is wrong...., it should be played like this ",then his daddy gave up and let him play alone. So mummy is always his best accompany when comes to playing toys.

Actually, I don't really know how to play real snooker.. *phaisei*,but if not mistaken, have to use the white ball to kick the rest of the ball into the hole....correct me if I am wrong?

Let's see how long can Ryan stick to this new toy " snooker table ",normally after playing for few days, he will start to get bored and will leave that toy aside. That's kid,easily get bored over their toys...Is that happened to your child too?

Thanks Grandma(my mil) for this pressie..


Small Kucing said...

next time as Daddy to buy a bigger one for you :D

Lagi syok :p

Linda said...

yey.... new toy.... few days later... buy another new toy..... hihi

Reanaclaire said...

any news toys will become old toys in a day or two.. hahaa.. normal..

Yannie said...

Normal, all kids are like that. My kids too. So, I try not to buy toys for them, but buy more reading materials.

Mummy Gwen said...

Wah..so cute the snooker table. Yeah...they get bored with new toys easily.

Cynthia said...

first of all.. good to train Ryan early on games ha...

Second.. this is not snooker la.. it's a pool table.. it is actually meant that you know all the numbered ball one by one into the holes.. come KL I take you to the big table and play.. muahaha.

Alice Law said...

Such an adorable snooker table!^-^

Yes, my kids too, are easily get bored with toys... that's why I prefer to make them toys with recycled meterial! I found it's very resourceful!

Have a joyful weekend!

ChloeRuoyi said...

The mini snooker is so cute. Ya, I also dunno anything about the game and can't even differentiate between snooker and pool haha.

Caroline said...

heya! first time dropping by here. :)

what cute boy! haha nowadays kids prefer to venture their new toy alone by themselves! ;)

Caroline said...

I wanted to thanks so much for voting my post in Foong's contest too! :D

have a great week ahead yea! ;)

slavemom said...

Same here, the kids get bored with their toys easily. So it's good to keep some and rotate as if they hv new toys every now n then.

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