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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Steamed Cream Cracker Cake & Konnyaku Jelly

I have been craving for some Jellys & Steamed Cream Cracker Cake since last weekend,but just lazy to make it. Today, I decided to make both of them since hubby can help me takecare of Ryan while I am busy at the kitchen. This morning I went to nearby supermarket to get ready all the ingredients needed.

After having our breakfast, I started preparing the ingredients for Steamed Cracker Cake. FYI, I only learnt how to make this cake after I married and move back to Sibu. My hubby was telling me that he wanted to eat Steamed Cream Cracker Cake few yrs back so I asked my MIL how to make it.Not so difficult and I gave a try, taste not bad and I like it too.Even my boy Ryan also like to eat this cake.He can simply finish 1 whole piece by himself.

Let's me share with you this recipe :

1.Sliced some carrots ,1 big onion, 1 can of luncheon meat and some leeks into small pieces.
2.Seasoning : pepper,Maggi Seasoning (powder form).
3.1 pack of cream cracker biscuit (I used Tiger Brand - the best is to use Jacob brand).
4.1 tin of Evaporated milk(any brand will do).
5.8-10 eggs (depend on the size of the egg).

1.Grease the baking tray(square size) with some butter ( that is to prevent the cake stick to the tray - easier to wash the tray).
I need 9 pcs of cream cracker biscuit per layer.You can use smaller size of baking tray,but must be in Square Size.

2.Stir fried the carrots,leeks,big onions + luncheon meat.Add the seasoning too. The put aside.

3.Beat the eggs,add in Evaporated Milk and mixed them well.

4.Soak the cream cracker biscuits into the step (3).

5.Layer the cream cracker biscuits into the baking tray (3x3).

6.Put in the mixed carrot+leek+luncheon meat+onion (from step-2)in the next layer.

7.Repeat till all the ingredients are used up.It will looks like a layer cake.

8.Steam high heat for about half an hour/till cooked. Served with Chilly Sos.


We are having this Steamed Cream Cracker Cake for lunch. Ryan also having 1 piece of steamed cake + 1 bowl of Beetroot porridge for his lunch.

After lunch, I started to make Konnyaku Jelly (orange flavour).I am using Konnyaku Jelly Premix Powder from Jelea. So far, I only can find 2 flavours avail in supermarket : Lychee & Orange.

Hubby and Ryan only like to eat 'Jelly',they dislike 'Agar-Agar'. Since weather is so hot lately.... eating Jelly after dinner is the best appetizer for tonight.

** Happy Sunday **


Kristie said...

yummy! never heard of anything like this before, thanks for sharing :)

Esmeralda said...

Wow.. that's quite exotic lar.. is the cake a Hokkien delicacy? Really never heard of it.. so the taste would be sweet and salty? With luncheon meat, of coz it will taste nice right?

MeRy said...

Kristie - u r most welcome....I only heard abt this cake at Sibu..one of the Foochow people delicacy.

Esmeralda - Not Hokkien delicacy,but it is Foochow delicacy.The taste is Yummy...combined of salty + sweet. Give a try next time.

Merryn said...

wow. steam layer cream cracker? first time encountering this thing. will try it when I am free... :)

Serene said...

My first time heard about Cream caker cake. It looks so nice.

Linda said...

very hardworking..... :) next time make the cracker cake for me also har....

MommyAngel said...

This is also the first time I heard about this and thanks for sharing :) I will try it one day.

BTW, no. 4 mention soak the cream cracker into step 2?? Or is it step 3?? Just wondering la ... thanks :)

Blessed mum said...

wow! where did you learn this from?! steaming cracker!!!?? i must give it a try too! thanks :)

Mummy Moon said...

I like to eat the konnyaku jelly
The cream cracker cake so special... Hope to try it out 1 day :)

Mummy Ryan said...

Wah the 2 dishes look yummy...thanks for a great recipe..1 day i should try..:)

MeRy said...

Merryn - Sure,give a try when u have free time.

Serene - It is also my first time hear abt this cake(after I married to my husband).

Linda - Sure....come n visit me, then will make some for u.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I remembered you mentioned this Steamed Cream Cracker Cake in MSN and I am so glad to see it now in your post.
It is definitely a new food for me, never seen and try it before.

I wonder will the cake has a strong taste of evaporated milk? I am not a "milk" person. Hehe.

I wonder what is the main reason of using square baking tray?

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Oh yes, Ryan likes the beetroot porridge?

Oliveoylz said...

Oh Wow! Cream cracker cake...I didn't even know it existed. Sure looks good and bet it taste great!!!

agnes said...

wow.. it looks GREAT!!!! makes me hungry now..

Mummy Gwen said...

Wah...me too first time hearing this. Looks yummy. :)

Fussy mum said...

Oh wow! this's something new to me. Must give it a try one day...thanks for the recipe :) Btw, what's the taste like....sweet or savoury?

Fussy mum said...

Oh wow! this's something new to me. Must give it a try one day...thanks for the recipe :) Btw, what's the taste like....sweet or savoury?

little prince's mummy said...


little prince's mummy said...


Little Kit Boy said...

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MeRy said...

Joanne - This cake won't have milk taste at all,as I myself also dun take milk.
The main reason for using square tray is because Cream Cracker biscuit is at Square shapes,so that you can arrange nicely on the tray for steaming.

You have a good memory...Ryan love the Beetroot porridge.I guess I noe why beetroot colour will change(not reddish in colour),it is because it was soaked in the soup for too long.Mine is also not so red in colour.

Fussy Mum - The cake taste great,not salty n not too sweet.Give it a try when u r free.

Little kit Boy - Tq for the awards..

mommy to chumsy said...

wow...this is a cool recipe. i think i wanna try this out :D thanks.

MeRy said...

Mummy to Chumsy - Let's give it a try....I love this cake.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

You also dont like milk? So you seldom eat dairy product?
Ya hor, with square pan the biscuits can be arranged more nicely.

Glad that Ryan likes the beetroot porridge. The porridge you cooked also not in reddish colour, maybe thats the reason it doesnt scared Ryan from taking it. Hehe.