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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I am Happy...

Happy ** Happy ** strike TOTO? 4D?....How I wish I will strike Toto or 4D one day..but today I am so happy because at last I won a contest.

This morning,while browsing through my facebook account...I saw a post which attracted my attention. What is that ???

>>>A note from Beau Ty Place...I won the consolation prize for Tag & Win contest.
So happy... I won myself 1x Doomagic Pillow Case....I will give this prize to Ryan...sure he will love it too.

Another happy news for sharing...I got a message from Winnie and Merryn that my recipe was
published in Nurture & U newsletter (from mamil gold club)...I am yet to received the newsletter from Mamil Gold Club. Looking forward to read it.....

Another happy news from Drypers (SCA)...I am looking forward for their latest parenting circle,till now I am yet to receive it. This morning, I make a call to SCA and I was informed that
there is bit delay in the postage..the lady told me that I won "2 star" for the latest edition and she will sent me a copy of the parenting circle soon. Hope to receive both the parenting circle and free drypers + mystery gifts from SCA.


Small Kucing said...

yes! Congratulations!!

MeRy said...

Thanks Kathy..

Alice Law said...

Congratulation!!! Wow, this is definitely your lucky month!