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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Our first visit to National Library

I have been wanted to bring Ryan to Sibu National Library,but it was kept postponed due to Ryan fall sick for the past two weeks. Today, he looks so fresh in the morning and I decided to bring him to the library to see and borrow some books home.
It was my second visit to National library since I came to Sibu 6 years ago. My first visit to this library was about 4 years ago.Any changes in the library...not all all, still the old design.
Kalah teruk with those National Library in Singapore....only has one counter for registration, borrowing and returning section.
When I entered the library, I saw long queue at all the 3 sections...I faster brought Ryan to the children 's section and started to look for nice story books for him. Ryan was busy looking for books but after a while, he seem get bored. Lots of old story books and some are bit complicated for Ryan to read and understand. I can sense that Ryan started to feel boring....and I am right, in the next few seconds, he told me "mummy, we go home ya".
Then I said " wait for a while, Ryan"...mummy looked for some nice books for you,then we go home. We were in the library for about 30 mins only, and I managed to find 5 short story books for Ryan.
Since I was not a Malaysian, I checked with the registration counter whether I can join as their member or not and lucky, the lady said "ok". Another 10 minutes for registration(pretty slow service) and paid Rm9 for registration fee. I will only get my library card on my next visit. For the time being, the lady only issue me a receipt for my own record.
Ryan was happy...at last can go back home. and it was almost lunch time also...I rushed back home and cooked simple lunch for 3 of us.

Probably Ryan has not get used to the library environment as it was his first visit to the library.
But frankly speaking, I prefer to go there myself,..at least I can see the books freely and it takes lot of time to find a suitable books to borrow.


reanaclaire said...

Good to cultivate reading habit to our kids from a young age..

cleffairy said...

*sigh* National Library ah? Been ages since I've been there. Last was in 2004. Stopped going cuz the books there are mostly old books and not bestsellers. =.= Wonder how it is now!

Sheoh Yan said...

It is always good to cultivate reading habit and library is definitely a good place to expose to children more.

prince n princess mum said...

so nice.. visit library....

agnes said...

probably bring him to MPH or POPULAR next time cause the books there are much more colorful and attractive?

never been to national library for ages and to me, it's a very 'boring' place!!! hahaha~

Little Kit Boy said...

I, myself have not been to the national library even during school time...so paiseh hoh, but definitely will bring Kit boy to the library as commented by some mommies here, is always good to cultivate a reading habit from young.

However, it needs time to develop this good habit in children and I believed later, Ryan will loves going to the library, just like some of my friends' children.

Keep up the good job.

Alice Law said...

Sibu Library... I see, you are now stationed there, thought you still inSingapore!

LOL, no worries, you can pay another visit any time and hopefully next time Ryan would enjoy his library visit!^-^

slavemom said...

I'm afraid my kids are too noisy to be allowed into a public library. hehehe