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Monday, November 29, 2010

Back to School..

Today is the third day Ryan is back to school again. Last Friday, I sent him back to school since he looked pretty fine at home for the past few days.
I really hope he will be fine at school (I am very concern about his health). Giving him some vitamins to boost up his immune system,control his food intake (no junk food,biscuits and those fried food). Hope all my hard work will avoid him from getting tonsilitis.
Since Ryan was having tonsilitis very often, I never cook fried food,most of the time just stir-fried or steaming. It is more healthy.

After full consideration, we decided to send Ryan for his nursery class in December instead of
let him rest well at home for that whole month.
We are so worried that he will get lazy if were just stay at home for one full month.
I noticed that Ryan has been singing Christmas songs this few days...he must be learning them
from school...Do hope the school will engage Christmas Party for the kids since Ryan has missed out the last Mooncake festival party.

Christmas is on the way and this year, I will not going back to my hometown,Medan. Bit sad:(..
This is also my first time staying in Sibu for the month of december since I married to my husband. For sure, I am looking forward for my next trip to Medan..that will be in April 2011.
Can't wait for this DAY to come.....


Linda said...

That DAY will come.. sooner than you think... :)

Small Kucing said...

very soooon ;D

Yannie said...

More fluid, enough rest, exercise and nutritious food, all will contribute to a good immune system. Gambateh, Mery.

Ann said...

I am sure with all your efforts, Ryan will be alright.

Make sure drink lots of water. Enjoy your Christmas wherever you are. And April will come sooner than you expect!

MeRy said...

Thanks friends all the kind concern..Yes..I can't wait for Next yr April...

Merryn said...

u'll b celebrating xmas in sibu this year :D

hope ryan will stay strong throughout december and enjoy xmas to the max :)

Mummy Gwen said...

I hope Ryan will be back to his normal healthy self soon. 4 more months is not long...it's coming.

Anonymous said...

wah..april balik kampung ni.. :)
so happy ... !!!

feel free to visit my blog and leave comments http://gogoevva.blogspot.com/

me, no idea when back to JKT ;(

Vickylow said...

Fruit juice that full of vitamin C and fibre good for Ryan. Wish he healthy always.

slavemom said...

Time flies and u'll be back in ur hometown vy soon. :)