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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Faxless Payday Loans

I guess you guys may have heard about cash advance facility from local bank. Do you guys take out this facility before?
For me...while I was working in Singapore bank as customer service officer in the call centre, I came across this loan facility. This offer is valid to all the bank's credit card holder. During the emergency, some people may really need this kind of facility to help up solving the problem.

For those friends residing in UK, have you ever come across 'payday loans' facility?
It is a loan facility targetted to those who need short term financial needs. The best part is that the borrower can get the fund on the same day if they were to apply the loan facility before the cut off time(monday-friday). There is a set of requirement need to fulfill in order for the loan to be approved.
Don't hesitate to check out for more details on this facility....!!!


AngelineBK said...

As i know, CitiBank alwiz have this kind of personal loans in M'sia. I'm sure CitiBank is one of the fav bank in S'pore too rite?Thnx for sharing.

MeRy said...

Angeline : Yes...CITIBANK has tis offer for loan facility..lately,HL bank also have....the offer is quite attractive.

Small Kucing said...

Many banks also have. They are desperate now

Alice Law said...

LOL, since I'm a SAHM... I can't really afford any loans!>_<