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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One more Week To Go

Yeah .... one more week to go, at last I can go back my kampung again after been waiting for about 10 months. Three of us (me,hubby & Ryan) will be going back to Medan for about 3 weeks (2-27dec). Our flight from Sibu-KL supposed to be afternoon,but there is a change in the time and it makes us almost not able to catch up our connecting flight KL-Medan.
So, I called up Airasia call centre and request for change,I am glad that I can change my Sibu-KL to morning flight on 2 dec'09,it means we will reach KL around 11++am.We have to wait at LCCT for about 5 hours as our next flight from KL-Medan is 5.40pm.
Never mind, we can take our sweet time at LCCT,having our lunch and shop for some chocolates.
Coincidentally, my sister will be in the same flight with us too.She is with my BIL and her youngest dotter. So happy when I got her SMS that day telling me that she will be back to Medan on 2 dec'09 @5.40pm Airasia flight.It is our second time taking same flight back to Medan(last year Dec we also took same flight Valueair from S'pore-Medan).

On 27Dec'09, we will be going to Kuala Lumpur for 3 nights stay,have booked Tune Hotels,our first time staying at Tune Hotels.From the website,it looks not bad.I really hope the bedroom and the environment is comfortable like what is described at their website.
Have arranged for a gathering with my Mamypoko's buddies @ Mid Valley on 27dec'09 for dinner. That will be the first gathering with them(Nic,Ling,Violet,LT,Funn,Queenie) except Wanchin(have met her last year Dec,went to Singapore together).Really hope can meet all of them on that night.

We will be back to Sibu on 30dec'09 taking night flight.Hope I will have a chance to meet some of my bloggers' friends too.

Very excited now ......!


iriene said...

Wow, can join your sister and family
in the same flight, that's great!
Happy Holiday to you and family!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year too :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hello, love your Singapore mee Siam. Have not eaten that more than 23 years!
You have a good and safe holiday, best regards, Lee.

Mummy Gwen said...

I can feel your excitement..haha. Only one more week to go..it will be very soon. Enjoy your upcoming holiday ya. :)

MeRy said...

Iriene & mummy Gwen : Really excited and wish both of u Merry x'mas n Happy new yr in advance !!

Uncle Lee : Mee Siam is also one of my favo food,it is pretty famous in Singapore.

LittleLamb said...

enjoy ur holiday..:)

very lucky u had extra pair of hands in the airport...same flight with ur SIL..hehehe

Mummy Moon said...

Alamak, I don't know where is Hotal tune.
Reading your post I also can feel your excitement hahah! So which day you going to arrange your time for mummy blogger?

Cynthia said...

nice arrangement.. we will be here in KL waiting for you ya.. :D

little prince's mummy said...

You must be looking forward for your trip back... enjoy ya!

MeRy said...

Mummy Moon - I wil be free for 28-29-30dec...maybe u can try arrange gathering with some blogger mummies...I heard Cynthia goin to arrange.But then dunno hw is the status yet.

Cynthia - hope 2 cu soon..do give me a call or sms after confirmation on date & time for gathering.
FYI, on 27dec @6pm I m not free,hav another gathering with my MP's friends.

Agnes said...

Have stayed at Tune in KL, very simple hotel, not even have a wardrobe in room. very exciting trip home you gonna have. share your trip with us later ya in your blog..

wenn said...

wow..hav a nice holiday..

ChloeRuoyi said...

Do have a great time in your kampung and enjoy all your blogger mummy gatherings! As for the Tune hotel, I've heard that the rooms are super-tiny! Will see how yours look like :-)

nicole said...

im looking forward to meet u, very excited~~~ dun forget snap pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mNhL said...

Great to be home! Have a pleasant journey and enjoy your holidays!

slavemom said...

Hv a great balik kampung hol! Hope to c u when u're in KL.