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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ryan's school update

After holiday for one week during CNY celebration,last Monday Ryan started his school again.
I was so worried that he may refuse to go to school after resting for one week, but lucky he did not. The only thing,Ryan has to sleep more earlier before 10.30pm on weekdays as the next day he has to wake up early for school.
Today has been the third day Ryan go to school, overall he is still doing fine,only when I waved 'goodbye' to him, Ryan showed me a sad face and tears shed down,but he did not cry so bad.
I did asked the teacher about Ryan's performance at school.....Glad to know that he can mix around with his friends now.
I just hope Ryan can adapt well at this new school....


Merryn said...

Bravo Ryan :D He'll be ok and will no longer shed a tear soon coz he's a smart boy! :)

Sheoh Yan said...

Good to hear this. Way to go Ryan.

Alice Law said...

Congratulation on Ryan's behavioral at school! All the best to him!

suituapui said...

Normal. Every kid goes through that. Learn to let go... Boys no need to be so protective, later become pondan. I see many of my boy students today - worse than girls. Lemah lembut,voice so soft, no muscle, skin so smooth, indecisive, weak...even handwriting like girl's. The world certainly has changed.

gaiki said...

Ryan is doing great at school! Good job!