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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

RDS Medical

Chinese New Year is still going on and during our reunion dinner, I got the chance to meet all my cousins and we are having a good chat for all night. One of my cousin has just graduated from university and he is very lucky to get a good pay job in pharmacy industry.
He highlighted to me about RDS Medical Compound pharmacy. It is a company providing full-service specialized in Customizable Steroid Injections, Bio Identical Hormones and Anti-Aging Medicine for Men and Women.
Since I am not in this industry , I am wondering what is compounding pharmacies? I am glad that my cousin has given me brief explanation that compounding pharmacy will mix drugs/hormons based on each patient's requirement. They can also tranform the medicine from pill to liquid.
It is definitely a very good additional knowledge that I learnt from my cousin that night.

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UmmiRosma said...

oh this is new to me too...a beneficial knowledge ya.