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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dessert of the Day - Cheng Teng

At last I managed to find some time to cook Cheng Teng dessert. After preparing breakfast for hubby + myself,I faster get ready all the ingredients needed for this dessert. I got the recipe from my SIL (she cooked this dessert for me last Dec'08).

Ingredients :
-white fungus (soaked in water before cook)- agak agak the portion
-8 red dates (dun add too many red dates as the water will become very brownish)
-8 dried longan
-some rock sugar
-some gula kundur (white in colour, cut into small pcs)
-a pot of water

Method :
1. Boil a pot of water, add in red dates,dried longan,rock sugar,gula kundur.
2. Cut the white fungus into small pcs and put into the pot.
3. I am using small size slow cooker to cook the Cheng Teng Dessert. You can add the amount of the ingredients according to your preference.

Cheng Teng can be served in hot and cold.It is an Asian dessert that is popular in Malaysia and Singapore. It means ‘cooling soup’ in Chinese.

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