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Monday, April 13, 2009

At last I 'm BACK ***

I was unable to online,surf net,check emails,update blog for the past few days(let 's me recall back when my internet was down) since 9 April '09. I remembered well that day Hubby did not bring his laptop to shop,so I was enjoying surfing net and msn chat with my frens..out of sudden , the network was cut down.First I thought is my laptop issue, maybe laptop fall sicks again. I restart the whole process so many times,...still the same, no result at all.At last , I got the confirmation that the internet network was down at my housing area(dunno caused by wat).
Both me n hubby feel so handicapped coz we get used to surfing net when we are free.Now we can't do anything except watching TV,playing with Ryan(that's our routine),bring Ryan go jalan-jalan,etc.

At last, tonight the internet network is 'Up'....horray, at last I can check up my emails ,surfing net,reading my fren's blog,updating my blog and bla bla bla.

***My NIGHT OWL hours is Coming Back***


Natalia said...

My internet also down last week. No idea what cause the connection down. Anyway, welcome back to both of us.

Wonderful Life said...

Streamyx quite slow at night nowadays... it's so frustrating ti surf the net with this kind of condition furthermore, we paid for the service!

Well, welcome back to the virtual world... ;)

little prince's mummy said...

Welcome back!~

Merryn said...

ryan must have enjoyed those few days when mommy n daddy were unable to go online and all they have to do was 'watch' ryan! hahahaha.. welcome back!

Serene said...

Hi Mery, did you called telekom to make a report? If you're streamyx user, you can get rebates if the connection is down for 4 days or more.

Mummy Ryan said...

Hi...Mery welcome back..so tis few days u really free hor cz cannot online

Mummy Gwen said...

Welcome back, Mery. I feel crippled too if there's no internet connection..hahaha.

Hazel said...

sometimes fell frustrated when the network is down..

Qistina's Mama n Abah said...

So you're back ye..hai..when can we establish internet connection in my new house agaknya..so boring coz me too used to surf a lot..

nvm la..wait for my return ya. Today can surf coz go back to my mum hse..hehehe..so happy can surf..

MeRy said...

Natalia - We seem suffered same problem. My internet was down 3x within a month. I hav complain to telekom and will get my rebate on next mth bill.

Wonderful Life - I feel frustated too when I hav paid for svc every mth n getting such lousy svc from them.

Merryn - Ryan is pretty happy coz mommy & daddy can accompany wholenite without touching laptop at all.

Serene - Thks alot for tis info. I jz noe abt it lol. I hav called Telekom n they will get me the rebate for next mth bill.

Sha - ur housing area no phn line?? Lastime my plc here no phn line,then my hubby 's uncle go raise up the issue n at last Telekom fix line here,now I can surf net easily.