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Thursday, April 23, 2009

What 's the THINGS on top of my head??

Sorry for being absence for past few weeks. I have not been updating my blog due to my Streamyx line was down. Since last GOOD FRIDAY, the internet line was down for few days, then after complaining, then the service was up again.But in next few days, the bug seem came back again. Getting flared up , I make a complain call to Telekom.A rebate will be given due to poor services.

Let's get back to the topic that I m goin to post up here.

I was opening the envelopes for some letter, he came across this red envelope,then he tear here n there abit and put on top of his head and came showing it to me "Mummy Mummy Hat Hat". Oh....my little boy is creating a new hat for himself using the red envelope.Then I told him, Mummy snapped some pics of you...stay tuned,Ok. Then Ryan replied " Ok Ok". Managed to snap few pics of Ryan wearing red envelope hat.

After a while, he saw white plastic (wrapped the CoSway booklet) lying on the coffee table. He then make a bigger hole on it and put it on top of his head. Again he showed it to me. Not to miss the chance, I faster grabbed my camera to snap some of his funny actions.

Do you think they look like a Hat and Shower Cap???


little prince's mummy said...

He so like to put so many things on his head.. hahaha!

MeRy said...

Peiwun - Ryan is having fun with all those funny ideas he created.

Mummy Ryan said...

hahhah..so next time if mummy cannot find shower cap, can use RYan's idea lor...put plastic to cover the head....hahah so cute....

MeRy said...

KC - Tats good idea, creating by Ryan.hahaha:)Might consider if I really can't find a shower cap nextime.