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Thursday, April 2, 2009

My 26 months old

Sorry for being absence for the past 1 week...juz getting lazy to update my blog. Actually have lot in mind, but my body really need a rest after taking care of Ryan 24/7. Okie *** let's go back to the topic. 1 April'09 is marked as Ryan's 26 mths old.My boy has grown up to be toddler ... alot of new things happened around him and he is catching up with the surroudings.

Weight + Height : never measured,but Ryan is getting taller & taller.

Eating pattern :
- Still like any kind of vegetables (esp.long bean - tonite he juz finished up whole bowl of long bean by himself.
- Show no interest on banana (whole bunch of bananas hang in the kitchen,he never ask for it at all.But when he sees other fruits like apple,plum,pear ... he will ask for it.
- Like to eat fast food (mcd n kfc). I have been making own burger for Ryan with egg+cheese+burger meat+tomato sos.
- Like to eat cake (not all kind of cake), ice cream, barley water(no sugar added),green bean(with sugar added), titbits.
- Like to drink RIBENA lately. Ryan will say ' gape gape gape',then run to the kitchen,the place where the ribena was put.
- Like to eat kaya roti, no kaya applied,sure will cry.

New Speech development :
- can recognize different kind of animals and able to tell its names.
ie : dog, cat, sheep (Ryan will sing bla bla back sip when he sees a sheep),cow( Ryan will say moo moo),monkey (called as key key),snail(nail nail),butterfly,elephant (be be be)and etc.
- can sing a little bit of Barney songs(not clearly yet) : bla bla back sip, twinkle twinkle little star, the elephant the elephant.

Other development/changes:
- I noticed Ryan is more demanding and stubborn nowadays. He will make a fuss if not being given what he wants.
- Difficult to call him for shower and nap...juz like to play n play. Sometimes when ask him go shower, he will say 'sit sit sit' , it means ask me sit at sofa n watch TV. Pengsan ***
- Can eat nonstop. Good apetite.
- Can understand every single words that mummy/daddy instructed him to do.(conversation is mostly in Mandarin + English).
- Have a good memory. Ryan can remember what he play with before he went for his nap and once wakup, he will ask for the same toys again.
- Like to talk on phone...Ryan will say : alo alo alo....then dunno what he is nagging on the phone,I can't understand his baby languages.
- Crazy of cars...no day without playing with his cars.Some of his cars even brought back from Medan coz he really like it.Even sleeping time, sometimes must bring his cars to the bedroom and put at his bedside.
- Stil demand to put on pamper during nap time (Ryan will say : pe pe pe for pamper)...Any idea how to get rid of diaper during nap time??? Plz Help Help...!!!

- Still remain on his old habit...always will cry while having a hair cut.No way to pujuk him at all.
- Like to put on a hat,even at home sometimes also want to put on a hat.
- Never wear pamper during outing (jalan-jalan at town). Of course, mummy got standby a small bottle in the car in case Ryan have the urge to pee in the journey.
- Can recognize and can say Pooh(as poo poo), Mickey( as e key), Garfield (as cat), Tweety bird (as bird).

Happy 26 months old to My boy Ryan !!


MommyAngel said...

Hahahahaha ..... Mery, you ask your him to bath and he asked you to sit and watch TV, hahahahaha ..... that's really funny!! Angel is also starting to show sign like that too ..... if I look at her while she is drawing, she also come and turn my face ask me to continue looking at my computer and don't look at her, hahahahaha!!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

What type of cake that Ryan likes to eat?

Mery, the green bean is to green beans sup?

MeRy said...

Caroline - Nowadays kid like to have funny reactions. SOmetimes I really can't tahan lol. Esp when I hav some other works to complete n Ryan was dragging my time.Ryan like to giv funny comments if I asked him to bath and nap.

Joanne - Ryan like to eat anykind of cakes....he is a big eater. Can eat nonstop. The greenbean is the greenbean sup.Ryan won't eat it if no sugar added.How bt Sarah? She love greenbean sup??

Serene said...

Happy 26th Months! Ryan a big boy already!

Merryn said...

nowadays kids can really make us turn our eyeballs 360 degrees.. so cute! remember when we were their age? i guess we know nuts then.. ryan is surely growing into a fine young man...

Esmeralda said...

HAppy 26 months Ryan...

Wah... seldom see kids wanna put on diapers ya? For Ashton, sometimes he just wanna take them off, but still not potty-trained yet...

slavemom said...

Happy 26 mths old to Ryan! It's good that he's a good appetite n loves all kinds of vege.
So if he wears the diaper for nap n it's dry when he wakes up? Maybe u can hide the diapers n tell him there's no more. hehehe

Mummy Gwen said...

Happy 26 Months To Ryan! Gwen also resist taking the shower and can tell me "NO" very loudly..haih..at least Ryan ask you to "Sit Sit" ..hehe. He is developing well no doubt about that.

MeRy said...

Serene - Thanks dear.

Merryn - Nowadays kids are super active,Somtimes I am really can't handle Ryan....wan tis n tat.

Esmeralda - Actually Ryan has been pottytrained,in the sense, that he will tell me wen he wan to pee n poo unless he is sleeping. I do hope Ryan will be diaperless during nap time soon.

Slavemom - Too bad, all the time his diaper has a pee loaded once he wakup frm his nap.coz Ryan drinks alot of water.

Mummy Gwen - Really headache wen c our kid dun wan take shower... I hav to take some of his toys up(the bathroom is on 2nd floor)and told Ryan that mummy is angry now if u still refuse to go up for a shower. Then he faster walked up to the stairs.Sometimes, when his mood is not good, he also refuse to go up , then I hav to raised my voice in order to move him up.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

It is a great thing that kids love to eat. So mommy wont have headache in cooking food for them.

I never try green bean soup to Sarah,but I have heard that it is good and healthy food. I wonder how to cook it ya?

MeRy said...

Joanne - Normally I will soak greenbean in the water for overnite,then next morning after wash it few time, juz pour into slow cooker,set HIGH and cooked for 3-4 hrs/til it soft.
From my experience,Greenbean without sugar will has a weird taste. Ryan will only eat green bean with bit of sugar taste.I nvr put sugar together while cooking the greebean. I will made separate sugar water n keep in fridge.

agnes said...

wow.. big boy adi.. happy 26 mths old!!!