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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Home-Cooked Kampua Mee

I guess you all will be curious what is 'Kampua Mee' ?
Sibu(my hubby's hometown - place where I am staying now) is famous of Kampua Mee(Foochow Specialty).You can simply find it available at every coffeeshop along the street.If you ever been to Kuching, you may notice that people there is selling 'Kolo Mee. Kolo Mee and Kampua Mee are similar in a lot of ways but both have their unique taste that differentiate themselves from each other. For those who does not have enough tastebuds, they will say both taste the same.

Once a week, I will buy Kampua Mee from wet market and cook it myself for hubby,Ryan & I for breakfast.

Here is simple method cooking the noodle:

# Boil sufficient water in a pot to boil the noodle. Have a big container (bucket) filled with tap water (for dipping in the noodle later)
# Loosen the ball of noodle. When water comes to a boil (high flame), drop in the noodle. Use chopstick to loosen and stir the noodle for about a minute.
# Scoop out the noodle and drop it into the bucket of water to wash away any flour residue. Use chopstick to jiggle the noodle.
# Return the noodle to the boiling water to warm it up for a few seconds. Scoop out and shake off excess water.
# Put the noodle into the bowl of mixed sauce(light soya sos,Maggi Seasoning,fried shallots,pork lard/cooking oil) and toss well.If you like to eat black & spicy version Kampua Mee,then add bit of dark soya sos + chilly sos.
# Ready to eat.


Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

You are really good in frying noodle. Must learn from you.

MeRy said...

Joanne - I m not good in cooking...still learning n sometimes also can't meet to my satisfaction. So we both learn from each other.