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Thursday, January 20, 2011


I miss my previous working life alot...when I was working in Singapore last time, I felt happy with my life, I can spent freely on what I earn. How good it is...Sometimes I do wish I can go back there again one day.
I remembered well that one of my ex-company has using a few cricut products. I would say this brand is pretty good especially cricut expression. Cricut expression is a way to cut letters,shapes, and phrases in impressive size by using 12"x12" mat or 12"x24" mat. it is pretty suitable for those big projects like doing scrapbook layouts, classroom decors,signage,poster and others. The best part is no computer is needed in order to operate this machine.
Of course, to operate circuit expression, you may need cricut cartridges. There are so many different type of cricut cartridges available and each of them will serve for different needs and demands that customer require. If you were to purchase the cartridges online, they do offer free shipping for purchase $99 and above....Hurry up !!

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