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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oral - B 5000 toothbrush

Since young, I have trained my son to brush his teeth at least twice a day, in the morning and at night before goes to bed. It has been his habit now to brush his teeth and we enjoy doing it together. Same time we will sing a "brushing teeth" song.....so fun !!
Getting the right toothbrush is very important as it helps to clean my teeth throughly and I also feel comfortable using it. I always choose those toothbrush with soft brushes. There are plenty of toothbrush brands available in the market ,but choose carefully for the right toothbrush to suit your needs.

Lately, my friend recommended to me Oral-B 5000
professional care toothbrush with smart guide.
What is so special about this oral-B 5000 toothbrush?.....
- feel gentle on teeth and gum
- it comes with 5 different modes : daily clean, deep clean,whitening, sensitive and massaging.
- it comes with travel case, so pretty convenience to bring for travelling.

After full consideration,I plan to buy one for myself ... and for those who are interested , let's place your order for Oral-B 5000 toothbrush at a great price from Nydentalstore.


Sheoh Yan said...

My kids too brush teeth twice a day.

Alice Law said...

You must really share with me your brushing teeth song, my girl only agree to brush her teeth once(normally after snack or treat)!>_<

Oliveoylz said...

What a cool way to make brushing fun...singing a song together!

suituapui said...

I have one...but I have not used. That good,eh?