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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

New Dish - Silk Squash

I guess all mommies did see this vegetable before in the wet market....it is called SILK SQUASH.silk squash is also called Chinese okra and angled luffa. Only immature silk squash are eaten, as older silk squash have a bitter taste. Silk squash can be stuffed with pork and steamed. However, it is more commonly stir-fried or deep-fried.
When buying Chinese okra, look for young ones that are firm and have an unblemished skin. Despite the sharp ridges, Chinese okra does not need to be peeled before using.

This is Ryan' new dishes for his yesterday dinner.I just do a stir-fried, add some sliced garlic and pork with some seasonings. It tastes sweet and yummy.


little prince's mummy said...

I love this vege... but never know what's it's name~~~ thankx for the info :)

MeRy said...

Peiwun - I also dunno this vege name at first...after searching online...at last i found its name. I love this vege too.

MommyAngel said...

oh ... I love this silk squash too. Don't know will it taste nice if I cook with porridge? Will try one day and thanks for the idea :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Now only I know this vege is called Silk Squash. Thanks for this great info.
Ooo..the skin need not to be peel? So will it has a rough texture when served?

Mummy Gwen said...

I dont know what is this ler..haha

Esmeralda said...

I thought the skin needs to be peeled as it is very rough Mery? I usually stir-fry it wid eggs, or wid prawns. It's originally sweet in taste... Btw, this vege is quite "cooling", so usually I put 2-3 slices of ginger along when I stir-fry. Thanks for the info regarding the name of it. I just know the Malay word "petola" for it.

MeRy said...

Caroline - I nvr cook silk squash with porridge yet..u can giv a try & let me noe the taste. I guess it shld hav a sweet taste.

Joanne T - no need to peel off the skins before using,Only wen u wan to cook, then hav to peel off the skins.Can try cook with dried shrimps(e-bi), it taste nice also.

Mummy Gwen - u never saw this vege at wet mrkt??? It has a soft texture after u cook.

Esmeralda - need to peel off the skin while using,if not its very rough. I also put bit of sliced ginger. How to cook with egg?Can teach me??

Esmeralda said...

No prob Mery. Am glad to teach u.. Haha.. but dunno whether u like the taste or not. But I love it so much.

1. Beat 1 or 2 eggs (depending on ur preference). Add in some pepper, and salt to taste.

2. Fry the egg just like how u make a pancake. After done, break it/cut it to smaller pieces. Set aside.

3. Fry garlic (red onions if u like) together wid few pieces of ginger until slightly brown.

4. Put in the silk squash, and stir-fry until it is slightly cooked. Add in seasoning (salt,oyster sauce/chicken stock/etc) and some pepper as well. (If ur kid is going to take, dun put too much pepper).

5. Add in the fried egg, and stir-fry for 1-2 minutes.

6. Your dish is complete. If u like a bit of "wine-taste", u can add in some Wincarnis wine, or some rice wine too. (but make sure u dun give ur kids ya)..

Happy cooking. Let me know whether u like it or not.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Ok, thanks for your info and suggestion in cooking this vege. Will have a try the next time.

Julie said...

Oh...so this is silk squash. I never thought of cooking this for my baby. Thanks for sharing.

MeRy said...

Esmeralda - Tq for sharing the recipe of silk squash with egg. Will giv a try next week.

Joanne - Let's try out one day for Sarah & also suitable for ur dinner dishes.

Julie - can giv a try 1 day for ur baby..its soft n easier to chew.

Esmeralda said...

No prob Mery. It's good to share.. Haha..