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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Dish - EggPlant

I believe everybody see EggPlant before. This is Ryan's new dish for tonight. I have been wanting to let him try out this vege, but just worry he does not like it. Last weekend, I decided to buy some eggplants to let him try. But then another problem raised up...how to cook the eggplant? Normally my mum will cook with chilly,etc...in spicy style. But for Ryan, of course, I can't put any chillies.
I decided to add some carrots & marinated chicken breast meats to the eggplants...it smells nice and Ryan can sapu whole bowl of rice + eggplants finish during his dinner. I feel happy that my efforts did not wasted, Ryan like to eat eggplant.

As for his breakfast & lunch , I cooked cucumber porridge(with chicken meat) for today. He can finish up the whole bowl too.Good boy!!

Tomorrow is another new day....I will cook : corn porridge(breakfast+lunch),celery tofu(dinner).

*Happy Wednesday*


slavemom said...

We hardly cook eggplants, usually cook with sambal or in curry. And I think the kids hv not tasted eggplants b4. Thx for sharing this. Will try it one day.
Prince Ryan is so lucky that mommy's always thinking of different ingredients to cook so he has a variety of food.

little prince's mummy said...

Wow!~ recently u hv a lot of new menus for little Ryan~~~ Great job and well done!~

quEeNie said...

I havent let Chloe try eggplant & cucumber before...herm..u gave me an idea...great job Mery

MeRy said...

Slavemom - This is also my 1st time cook for Ryan this vege & lucky he likes it. Sometimes I do add eggplant when cooking curry chicken.

Peiwun - Tq for the compliments...I just wanna let Ryan try different kind of vege,so that he wont be picky eater when grows up.

Queenie - U can giv a try for Little Chloe..hope she likes it.

Daddy said...

Hi mery. The last time I cooked eggplants was to cook it with small dried shrimps and soy sauce. You have created an interesting recipe. My Ryan is only 4.5 months old now. Will definitely refer to all your post for ideas when he is much older to take in solid food. Nice blog. Will definitely be following.

LittleLamb said...

wow..looks like ryan is eating adult food already.. meaning u cook once, whole family can ejoy...:)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Another great idea from you. I was also thinking to reintroduce eggplant to Sarah, but I have run out of idea this time. Hehe..thanks for the great idea.

Blessed mum said...

Hi Thanks for visiting my blog earlier :)

I never cook eggplant as both HB and I are not a fan to it..but guess I should expose my kids to it even if we dislike it.

Mummy Gwen said...

Good job mummy. I bought an eggplant too. Cooked curry the other day and still had some left. You gave a good idea of adding carrots.;)Usually I cook it with minced meat.

MeRy said...

Daddy - Tq for visiting my blog....Can give a try to ur baby nextime when he is ready for solid food.

Littlelamb - I normally don't cook much for Ryan's portion coz MIL is doing the cooking for dinner,so whatever balance from Ryan's dishes, I will be the 1 who sapu all.

Joanne - Can give a try out for Little Sarah. Hope she will like it.

Blessed mum - Maybe u can try this vege to ur kids....whose noe they like it.

Mummy Gwen - I also like eggplant cooked with curry. Can also add some ladyfingers..lagi best.