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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Prize from Maggi Contest

Wouhh..... received a letter from Nestle that Daddy won the 'Peraduan Maggi Sambutan Gawai' contest. Although it is now a big prize, but we feel happy that we can win something from the contest,it shows that we have the LUCK too. That's my efforts for sending as many entries as possible during the GAWAI festivals(fall on 1st JUN).

At first, daddy received a call from Maggi that he was selected to be among the 30 lucky contestants to answer 10 questionaires thru the phone. However, daddy couldn't answer all the questions.(can only answer 8 out of 10 Q).Not bad..have try his best!Since daddy can't answer all Q, so it means we have lost the chance for the 1st prize. We were aiming for 2nd(TV) & 3rd prize(fridge) & consolations prize(CASH RM250).

*****......***** prize that hubby won is CASH RM250.Due to name error printed on the cheque, the Maggi agent will bank in the cash direct to my hubby's bank a/c.

THANKS to MAGGI... Hope will have another Contest again for next year GAWAI Festival!!


MommyAngel said...

Ryan's daddy is so lucky. RM250 wor ..... that is such a good prize leh, better then they give hamper, etc with all the maggie stuffs right? Congrats again and hope daddy Ryan will spend bb ryan and mommy for a good dinner to celebrate :)

MeRy said...

Caroline - Actually we are aiming for the either fridge or TV coz we can use it wen we move to ur new house next yr. But then we are happy with the RM250 too...can use to buy groceries.Hampers also is Ok with me as long as I no need to bear the delivery costs.(hahaha)

Mummy Gwen said...

Wow..u guys are so lucky. Got buy number or not. :P

MeRy said...

Mummy Gwen - Too bad nvr go buy numbers la..

renet13 said...

Ha Ha found a new kaki who isalo a contest freak heh? Welcome to my comping world...it's a very addictive hobby especially when u win something..u'll never stop taking part..later it's nt what u win but the news orannouncement that u won something, agree?