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Sunday, October 5, 2008

10 months VS 20 months

10 months old

20 months old
Times flies fast....now I am 20 months old boy. Mommy always said " Now, I am a big boy ".

My development in 20 months old :
1. Recently has spoken up a few new words : bear,bar(barney),Mah(grandma/Ah Ma).He will say out the words if he is in good mood.
2. Getting active..wanna know alot of things esp if take Handphone, he will faster go see what we are typing/doing with the handphone.
3. Sleep late around 11pm and wake up around 9-10am the next morning.
4. Scare to go see Doctor.*(having a hard time going for immunization)*
5. Will give a serious look when see strangers, will give a smile look when see someone he has been familiar with.
6. Like to eat all kinda of food.Recently has introduced frog leg and pear juice. Ryan like it alot.
7. Weight - long time never weigh (guessed around 12 kgs ++).
Height - last month measured is 84cm.
8. Getting excited when mommy or daddy say go "gai gai", will faster go take shoes and wanna put it on.
9. Like to see Doraemon & Barney shows.
10. Like to kiss mommy & daddy.

Comparing the 1st and 2nd picture, do I look different now ???

Happy 20th months old....****_****


LittleLamb said...

Happy 20th Months Ryan...

How come your blog play xmas music so fast one???? eager for xmas ar...

*hugs hugs* to Ryan...surely a big boy dy.

Mummy Gwen said...

Happy 20 Months old Ryan. :) Gwen also very afraid to see doctor..haha. Before we step foot into the clinic, she already started to fuss. T__T

Ryan still looks the same, only more handsome now coz big boy already. ;)

MeRy said...

Rachel - thanx for the hugs. This song has been tagged with one of the slideshow...I just love this song and eager for xmas liao. That's when I can have my short holiday trip.

Mummy Gwen - seem most of the kids afraid to see doctor..Nextweek will bring Ryan for immunization,big headache for me.He sure will cry n cry.

SY said...

Diff is 10 mths still baby but now is toddler..Ryan really big boy liao..

quEeNie said...

happy 20th months to Ryan

little prince's mummy said...

happy 20 months to Ryan

MeRy said...

SY - ya, now is a big boy liao & still noti.(hehehe)
Queenie & Peiwun - Tq

Esmeralda said...

HAPPY 20TH MONTHS TO RYAN..! Big difference ya Mery when he is 10months, and now 20months.. U must be very happy that he developed quite a lot of new skills now..

Handsome little boy u have there...

MeRy said...

Esmeralda - Thks alot for the compliments.