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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Concrete Polishing

The other day,while meeting with one of my house contractor,they suggested to get the polished concrete on the main floor of our new house. The contractor introducing this company called Concrete Art-FX. This company do offer decorative concrete floor options that are environmentally sustainable choices with rich visual appeal of natural polished concrete that resembles natural stone, to highly polished concrete that looks very similar to terrazzo with optional choice of deep colour penatrating earth tones polished concrete dyes infused directly into the polished concrete surface for a unique one of kind floor.They also processed concrete into a naturally polished concrete floor finish, to a satin or high gloss finishes obtained with premium concrete coatings to enhance appearance and durability of decorative concrete stained floor or resurfaced concrete projects.Concrete Art-FX employed one of the best technology in concrete polishing system called HTC superfloor system to produce various grades of polished concrete.
As for the maintenance, this company do provide scheduled periodic polished concrete maintenance program to keep the polished concrete floor shiny as the day they were originally polished. Superb service !!

Another way to make the house floor looks different is by having concrete staining process. Concrete staining is a permanent,durable,economical floor solution when properly prepared and stained and protected with quality sealers such as 100% epoxy or high end polyurethane sealer will give you a lifetime floor with low maintenance.

If you need to have Free estimation request,simply fill up their online request form with the necessary information and they will get back to you within 2 working days.

Both me and my husband are considering whether to take up the contractor's suggestion as it definitely will make our new house looks more elegant.


info said...

As one of their previous clients, all I can say is that
I would not hesitate in NOT recommending Concrete Art-FX at all.I engaged them, not long ago, to do a very straight forward job of applying an acid stain concrete + 2 coats of urethane on an office space of 600 sqf. I was very clear about our walls and ceiling being already finished. Nonetheless, the company didn’t cover properly the walls and decided to grind without water without our consent (dust everywhere that was impossible to take off. Didn’t use a hepa filter vacuum cleaner neither). The worst was that at the end, they didn’t clean properly the surface, therefore the stain and sealer was poured over dusty areas.It’s already being not more than 1 week and it already started to peel off. There were imperfections all around,uneven areas and brush marks all over the place. At the end, the owner from this questionable company, decided not to show up and not to be responsible for any of his faulty job. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!.. STAY AWAY!!.

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Creative Concrete Worx said...

Concrete Art-FX Inc., had recently did our new retail store and the polished concrete floor turned out awesome! Wow love it!

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