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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Banana Cake (II)

Lastnight, I make the second attempt for baked banana cake. With the 4 bananas left in the kitchen, I got ready all the ingredients needed after finishing my dinner...then start my baking project.
This round, I did not mashed the bananas,instead, I sliced them in pieces,but I did beat them in the batter. I thought of adding perisa banana into the cake,but unfortunately,the perisa already expired.

I am very satisfied with the outcome ..it comes out like what I am expecting.
This morning,this banana cake is for my breakfast,my hubby also tried it out and said "quite nice"...even Ryan also like it and he did eat 1 big piece during his lunch.

Plan for another baking session.....probably this weekend since Ryan will have no class on Saturday and Sunday.


Small Kucing said...

i like Banana cake.

AngelineBK said...

Practice makes perfect! keep up the good work!

MeRy said...

Kathy : come.....let me share my banana cake with u.

Angeline : Yes..I also believe practice makes perfect.

reanaclaire said...

hey.. not bad.. my kids all like banana cake...

Alice Law said...

Wow, now you have became a pro liao!*clap Clap*

Vickylow said...

Nice banana cake, the aroma must be very nice.

Anonymous said...

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