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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Parent-Teacher Meeting Day

Yesterday 11th March 2011 was the first parent-teacher meeting day for Ryan's school and I was scheduled on 8.20am slot. I arrived on time and waited for my turn as the teacher was engaged with another parent.
I was pleased to know that Ryan is doing good in the class, so far, he can cope well with his work given by the teacher and I saw some of the work books that he did at school and art crafts.
How fast the time flies..Ryan has been attending this new school for more than 2 months.
And this coming week, Ryan will have 1 week of school holiday. We do not have any holiday plan for this school holiday.
But next month , Ryan will have a school break on his own as we are going back to Medan for
short holiday trip.
Of course for me, I can't wait for this day to come...I have been missing home badly.
Medan....here we come.....very soon!!


suituapui said...

Have a safe and pleasant trip. I love Lake Toba! Enjoy yourselves...

Alice Law said...

Glad that Ryan doing great, he sure make you proud! Please enjoy and have a safe trip!:)

Anonymous said...

proud mama, good job Ryan.. :)
yeah...balik kampung !!! enjoy and have a safe nice trip !!!

Mummy Gwen said...

Enjoy your holiday. Yes..time flies. Glad to know Ryan is doing well inschool. :)

the little prince said...

WAH, SO FAST got parent - teacher meeting day already!!:-)

Glad that Ryan doing well in school~

Happy holiday~

Vickylow said...

Oh back home town soon, Bon voyage ya. Well done to Ryan boy.

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