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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New Dish - Tofu

Last Monday, I think of another way to cook tofu for Ryan's dinner. He seem does not like to eat tofu soup,I guess it is too plain for him although I did eat pork and thong chai into the soup. Therefore, I decided to cook the tofu in different way.I fried some of the tofus,cooked together with sliced pork(marinated with osyter sos+sesame oil),carrots,and brocoli. I never add MSG into Ryan's food. So my best seasoning is Osyter sos + mushroom powder.
This dishes turn out great and Ryan likes it. At least, my effort is paid off.**-**

For fruit, I introduced an ORANGE for Ryan. These oranges is pretty cheap, I got it during the promo...only RM0.20/pc. First, I peel off the orange skins, section the orange,peel off the membranes - that stringy stuff that covers the "meat" of the orange,then slices it into small pieces.
Oranges, like all citrus fruits, are acidic and more than likely to give babies younger than 12 months old rashes due to the acidity.Not just a great source of vitamin c, oranges have a myriad of vitamins and other nutrients that make them tops for a refreshing and healthy snack.
Ryan loves orange too!!


Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yummy, I also like the tofu dish that you have created. Great job Mery!

You always provide balance diet for Ryan, in terms of meat, vege and fruit.
For me, I always neglect the fruit..hehe. Too busy with food planning..

MeRy said...

Joanne - I thought cooking tofu fish porridge for Ryan, not sure he will like it or not.
So normally what fruit u introduce to Sarah??

Mummy Gwen said...

Very yummy dish indeed. I seldom give Gwen eat oranges coz messy lah..hehe. I give her pears and apples. I cut it into small pieces first.

slavemom said...

U're vy good at experimenting with new ways of cooking for Ryan. Lucky boy!

MeRy said...

Mummy Gwen - I will use spoon feed Ryan the oranges..if not,sure messy too if let him eat himself.

Slavemom - Tq for ur compliments.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Mery, tofu with fish in a porridge, I think should be a good idea....
- Normally when I eat apples or pear for my meal (morning), I will feed some for Sarah.