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Friday, September 5, 2008

My 19 mths old **

Time flies very very fast *** Ryan has grown up to be a toddler & now he is 19 mths old. Any big changes in his development compared to last month???? Let's me recall back.........**think think think**

1. I have started do potty training for the past few months(I think almost 3 months). Now Ryan will let me know when he wants to pee pee.But of course, there is always a time when he will miss it when he is playing & forget about it. However, if he pee on his pant, he will just stand there (no move) and will call 'ma ma', it means he has get his pant wet & need a change on it.
But I still not able to train him on poo poo, he just refused to sit on the pot for long.
It really takes long time to get this potty training successful and I must have alot of patience going thru it. I always tell myself : Sure one day, Ryan will get out of the diaper usage 100%. Just hope the DAY will come soon.

2. Not much development on Ryan's speech. Last week, my mum & sis are visiting us from Medan. Ryan will call "grandma" as 'ma ma ma'. OMG, he seems calling everybody 'ma ma ma'.So Who's his real mom????

3. Like to click on his mommy & daddy when we are online surfing net. He is like a little blogger..pressing the keyboard. He even know where is the ON/OFF button on the laptop and also place to slot the CD/VCD/DVD. He will open up the cover & slot the cd(he likes to dig out daddy's cds from the drawer), then try to close cover back. Of course, he did not manage to do it as he never slot the cd properly.
~~~ ITCHY HAND ~~~

4. I noticed that Ryan like to use his left hand to wave ' bye bye'. I have been telling him to use right hand as a politeness, but then most of the time he will use his left hand again. Just wondering, will he be a left-handed like his DADDY??? (oohhh ohhhhh......the answer is maybe).

5. Ryan can understand most of the things that I tell him to do like : keeping his toys back to the basket/drawer,throw away rubbish into the dustbin,faster go wear shoes go 'gai gai' and alot mores....

6. Like to eat any kind of foods like adult.OMG....I have to keep the titbits inside the container in order to prevent him eat it as titbits are heaty food.

7. For the weight & height, has not been measured for the past few months. I guess his weight should be around 12 kgs. No idea on his height.


little prince's mummy said...

Happy 19months :)

MommyAngel said...

Happy 19th months to bb Ryan. He is so cute when he calls everybody ma ma ma ..... hahahaha. My girl is doing that too, she even call her papa as ma ma ..... LoL I find it funny though. Oh boy!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Yalor..funny! Ryan call everybody also ma ma..nevermind, he is stil learning. But not all mommies, have the "mommy smell":-)
- So good boy, he knows how to keep all his toys.

Wonderful Life said...

Happy 19 months old, Ryan!

Hmm... my Ryan tends to use his left hand to do things too! Maybe following me as I'm a lefty ;)

Kristie said...

good job mery, ryan is big boy now!