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Friday, September 19, 2008

My Bicycle

Grandma bought me a bicycle last thursday. I am so happy to see this 'new thing',mummy taught me how to cycle around, but my legs kept drop to the floor. Ended up, mummy has to push the bicycle around the house as I still do know how to cycle.
I saw some cute sticker on the bicycle.Now my attention is on the stickers, not the bicycle anymore. I refused to sit on the bicycle,my hands keep digging out the sticker. A few days later, most of the bicycle's stickers are gone because of my Itchy Hand.


little prince's mummy said...

Next time if I buy bicycle for my boy, I think I have to buy without-sticker 1.. hahahahah~~

MommyAngel said...

Kekeke ..... I think kids likes to do that la. But like my husband said, the things is for bb so let her do whatever he/she likes lo, no point of keeping the toys as new as when we just bought it. True also la just don't take the wheels out the seats out then I am fine with that. :) Maybe can stick some other stickers onto them so will have a new design of bike every month :P :P

MeRy said...

Peiwun - but no sticker, does not look nice the bicycle. Then everymth change the sticker design,so ur boy does not look bored on the bicycle.

Caroline - tats y kid like to do funny things...taking out all the stickers make the bicycle looks so plain, I also thought of getting POOH n Mickey sticker to stick on it.

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Nice bicycle. Maybe he doesnt know how to ride it now, but later, he will get addicted to it.

Mummy Gwen said...

HI Mery,

My hubby wanted to buy a bicycle for Gwen but I think we ended up pushing her coz she don't know how to cycle yet. :)

Esmeralda said...

Lucky Ryan.. Have a new bike ya! I also considered buying a bike for him, but seems tat dun have enuf space to play here.

quEeNie said...

wow nice new bicycle for Ryan...Chloe aso like to pull out sticker > end up d car seat instruction sticker were all pull out by her