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Monday, September 8, 2008

My Sunday

Last Sunday, Daddy & Mummy brought Ryan to Dr.Law for JE(booster) immunization. We reached the clinic around 10am,there are very crowded & we have to wait for about 25 mins before Ryan's name was called. Ryan did not want to go inside the clinic, when he reached the main entrance, he pointed out & started to cry.
So we just waited outside for his turn to come, he just walked here & there playing. At last, his name was called, I have to hug him tightly to bring him in to the clinic as he started to cry & refused me to carry him. I have to use all my strenght to carry Ryan.He is pretty heavy & have alot of energy. While waiting for doctor inside the waiting room, he kept crying ..... hiks hiks hiks....my poor boy!

Of course, while face to face with the doctor, he cried louder. It took less than 1 min, everything is done.The nurse did not even measure his weight & height as Ryan was crying all the way.We have to rush out once the doctor is DONE with the injection.
The JE(booster) is supposed to be given to Ryan last month (18 mths old).So it has been delayed by a month. For the next 2 months, Ryan need to visit Dr.Law's clinic for DPT/HIB/Polio(for Oct'08) & Hep A-2nd dose(for Nov'08). Dr.Law did suggested me to give Ryan Pneumococcal & Chicken pox together in Nov'08. If were to combined 3 different kind of injection in Nov'08, daddy 's pocket is going to burn a BIG HOLE(cost about RM400 plus for all).
I just hope the next visit, Ryan will stay calm. No more crying...Pity him, the tears dropped nonstop by the time we stepped into the clinic.


MommyAngel said...

Oh Boy, poor Ryan .... my Angel also like that, as she walks into the clinic, she will know and start crying so loud and non-stop until my hubby heard an auntie saying outside the room, "poor baby, must be having a lot of injections" while at that time, the doctor only checking on her flu and cough! Gosh ....

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Cham!! Sarah will be having a injection soon, hopefully she will be fine.

little prince's mummy said...

JE is for wat a?

SY said...

Poor Ryan.
Mery: so fast Ryan took the booster Jab liao.

Funn's said...

Poor little Ryan! *Muak muak*

Mummy Gwen said...

Hi Mery, Thanks for adding me to yr bloglist.
Gwen also will fuss when we bring her to the clinic. She will give us the signal to get out of the clinic..haha..Seems like whenthey get older they are more aware. Have a great day. :)

Ping said...

Pity Ryan ! Same as Natalie she play around the clinic. But when is our turn we birng her in she direct cry it loud when she see the 'jarum' hehehe! After inject her eye full of tears and waive her hand 'Bye Bye' to doctor @___@

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Feel free to grab it :)

little prince's mummy said...

Got an award for u :)