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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Enjoying See TV

Ryan loves to see Astro XIAO THAI YANG programme. He can sit quietly at the sofa n enjoy the programme(no movement for abt 15mins), he dun even bother when I call his name,furthermore, he will take the TV and Astro controller n make an action pressing the controller .Too bad ...Daddy never subscribe to this Channel(need to pay additional RM20plus),so what Ryan watched is the past programme.Daddy managed to record some of it when Astro was having promo last yr.


Ping said...

you boy so enjoy seeing Astro GOOD! My girl only enjoy seeing advertisement especially "Anmum ad" hahaha!

SY said...

Mery, you can check out the rate from Astro. As I know i only pay for RM12+ only d.

Mery said...

Wil check it out..Ryan loves tat chnl alot.Everyday listen to same songs...he also not get bored at all.